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    man – we are a quiet bunch lately. Maybe we are too sated from lots of sci-fi choice lately..

    Let me know you are still here!! Hello? Hello?

    We need a little stirring up…where is IVCAMBOT?
    Josh josh josh josh josh josh….


    It doesn’t seem like a particularly quiet day in SadDom to me. I know I’m dull, but hell, I’ve been posting — *cries, I feel so insignificant* 😉

    But yeah, it has been relatively slow of late. A number of recent posts around the board, though. Not nearly as active as it once was, that’s for sure. But it ain’t about the quantity as far as I’m concerned, it’s about the quality, and as ever, when Sadgeezers do speak, they have interesting/ entertaining stuff to say (myself excluded of course). 😉 😛

    On a very serious note, I’m never bored at this board. There’s always plenty of stuff that interests me to read and respond to, even if it means searching through old posts. So much stuff that my head practically explodes. My interests are very eclectic.

    As with many people, the problem is time for me, primarily. Due to the demands of family-life (a young child who wants my attention and work preparing documents), it’s not always easy for me to find the time to compose posts. Due to some site-problems, a number of people have had difficulty acessing the site and posting.

    Okay, maybe the” Josh josh josh” means you’re just joshing around, or are you perhaps simply referring to your discussion with lvcambot about Joss (or Josh) Wheadon (as evident HERE )?

    Incidentally, while one of the reasons I came to this board was because I liked its slower-pace (posts and topics didn’t get quickly drowned out in the din), I do wish more posters were coming out of the woodwork. A) I miss many of these guys B) It’s nice to get into a real discussion with a few people on a topic of interest — and you don’t have to wait weeks for a response back, if ever. (a little closer to real-time can be very stimulating, but it’ll never be fast like chat). C) No individual has to feel like they have to hold the sad fort down when it gets slow… i.e. Better when we have many people around to answer questions etc.

    -Logan slinks back into the woodwork.


    It doesn’t seem like a particularly quiet day in SadDom to me. I know I’m dull, but hell, I’ve been posting — *cries, I feel so insignificant*

    no,no, not feel insignificant my dear knight! You have thoughtfully responded to all my ramblings of late, with my thanks! Where would my little posts be if you hadn’t responded? With a zip reply….:( (lonely, lonely me, ‘sniff’)

    Yes – time is of a premium, isn’t it? Gone are the days I could scroll for hours searching for some interesting yet insignificant sci-fi morsel. Oh well.. and (hides face in shame), I admit I haven’t done my fair share of posting lately….

    I’m just bored in general and feel a need to stir the blood a little. I like talking with Sadgeezers!
    Oh, and yes – I was intending a double entendre there; both “josh” as in joshing and the whole Josh/Joss rant about Whedons name. So in fact Joshing about Joss…ok now I’m getting dizzy.


    A little belated as other things got in the way… Where would we be if we didn’t have others to listen to and indulge our ramblings? Not that I think of you as a rambler, but I surely am by nature. This is about the only place I’ve felt very comfortable about rambling-on, digressing, ranting, and generally being inane. As I particularly love to ramble, has been a god-send (in so-called real life, those around me are not very tolerant of it).

    A blog might do it, but I enjoy feedback, and discussion in general, that can be found at a place like this..

    “We few, we happy few.” I do wish more geezers would stand-up to be accounted for. This board certainly could use some pot-stirring.

    What we need is some new controversy, I think, to provoke discussion and intense debate.

    So here’s a controversial statement (merely in the interest of generating discussion). Umm, SF sucks when it ignores the laws of physics.


    Yep, the site needs revitalising. Current issues are:

    [list]Need a new server & ISP – Site is hard to get to for some people

    Need to do something whacky like SadGeezer TV – stay tuned

    Need to be found by more peeps of like mind – Search Engine placement has been slipping.

    Need some decent TV Sci Fi to get enthused about[/list:u]
    I’m working on all but the last one. I just wish things could move a little faster 🙁

    Good stuff should be happening soon though 🙂


    All the effort and thought you’ve put into this site, and continue to make, is greatly appreciated.

    I guess the availability of fairly recent and decent sci-fi is out of even your control… At least until we have the SadChannel — I think there’s gotta be some decent recent sci-fi shows out there (other than the usual suspects) that aren’t getting much distribution in our parts of the world. We need the International Federation of SadScouts scouring the world for good sci-fi.

    If not, or we can’t “get it,” there’s always good older stuff some of us are bound to have not seen. Space, in Canada, is getting Hex, hope that’s good. And I still want to see the Ultravolet mini.

    I kinda like bad sci-fi, while I may not be enthusiastic about the show, I can get pretty enthusiastic in my rants about it. Enterprise, for instance… cough, splutter. 😉 (okay, I am watching it in re-runs).

    I’m pretty pleased, though, with the current state of sci-fi. Both new series took a little time to win we over, but I like the new BSG (sometimes it takes the scenic-route too much, and there seems to be too much filler, but…) and as I’m a Doctor Who fan… Have to see more of Tennant to know how well he works out. Damn this wait.


    I check out sad’s every month or so—-

    For me, there has been an absolute dearth of sci-fi to watch! When Dr Who starts up in the states on the Scifi channel hopefully i can join in on the Dr who discussion. I just can’t seem to get into BSG.

    I am really looking forward to the new Dr!!


    Lizard: it’s always nice to see your posts when you do visit. I’ve gone fairly lengthy periods of time without checking the site for one reason or another.

    Unlike Doctor Who which I always tried hard not to miss, I’ve missed quite a few episodes of BSG. Both shows have been a bit hot-or-miss for me, and irritating at times, but I like the sense of fun in Doctor Who. Have been so pleased at the excitement of a new generation of kids I know about the show, since Doctor Who was a show that turned me on to sci-fi as a kid.

    I suppose that it was the two two-parter episodes in Doctor Who that really won me over. I’m excited about Torchwood (notice the Doctor Who anagram) which is a planned BBC spin-off of Doctor Who, and is being touted as Doctor Who for adults — hoping CBC, which airs Doctor Who here, gets that series.

    If at first said Doctor Who doesn’t appeal, stick with it — I do think it gets better.

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