Brian Downey beaten up?

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    I just read in a post at that Brian downey was supposed tohave been beaten up in a mugging in Halifax,.Canada? He is supposed to have had his jaw broken in three places and have had reconstructive surgery?

    Any news on this report?



    Here is a direct quote from Brian Downey from his web Site

    Just when I was all set to jump back in here ….. well, on Wednesday evening I was attacked and robbed by a couple of guys near a bank cash machine, as I was walking home after seeing some friends. My jaw was broken in three places, and pretty badly. One will require peeling part of my face back for access to the break. I’ll be going into hospital sometime later today or tonight for surgery… I’m waiting for the call right now. Titanium plates will be attached to the breaks to hold the bone in place. I hate taking any kind of medication (even an asprin) but I have been ordered to take heavy duty pain killers and antibiotics… and no food.
    So, this means that it will be another few days at least before I can get back to the computer and respond to the things I have been missing in here.
    Apart from the pain , and the constant taste of blood in my mouth, everything else is fine. These guys who jumped me were good… they didn’t even break my skin when they were kicking the crap out of me…. Oh for the days when I used to be a greaser !!!!

    Love to all


    If you have a minute send a note of support. He treats everyone on his forum like a friend.


    at that website.

    Where did the poem come from?
    That is a “mystery of the sea!” 😈



    Huh? Like all websites I imagine it came from it’s webmaster, who is I believe Mothbreeder. The mystery of the Sea is “where does the best tuna happen to be. ” Who knew you were such a Chicken of the Sea fan.


    You caught me on that one, frey!! Heh! 😀


    bastards! I hate crime.


    Brian Downey since his surgery? Has anyone heard anything?

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