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    Apparently, after encouraging fans to virally market Serenity, Universal studios is starting legal action against fans; demanding $9000 in “retroactive licensing fees”. The response of fans has been amazing, in return they are retroactively billing Universal for their services as “Marketers & Promoters”

    The Browncoat Invoice.


    Hopefully this will give Universal Studios so much bad press, that they will withdraw their petty billings. What a stupid way to ruin all of their goodwill with the Firefly-community.


    This is totally ridiculous. I am not a Serenity Fan, but even I know that they practically begged groups to form and promote the darn thing.

    Okay, so they now want to protect their brand so that there is no erosion of their copyright in the future. Fair enough. But what would have been wrong with a letter from their lawyers thanking people for their loyality, but pointing out the copyright problems and asking them to now remove this or quit that.

    That would have corrected their problem in a way that did not p*ss of the base.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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