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    The fun continues. I learnt that:

    – the insides of the new Cylon fighter are icky
    – even with jury rigged controls on a Cylon fighter Starbuck can outfly Apollo
    – Six looks even better in blue than red. Poor Baltar doesn’t stand a chance
    – The Pres can lay down the law when she has to.
    – Helo is really thick to cook food outside the bunker


    I hate to say it, but I didn’t like this ep too much.

    It was bad enough that Starbuck didn’t have a knife to cut herself out of her chute, but later, lo and behold, she has a knife….

    No biggie, lets move on.

    Cylons are using Organic machines. Wonderfully original role reversal…

    Moving on…

    Helo can cook pop-tarts. Apparantly Cylons have no noise/heat/motion sensors. Besides which it’s obvious to anyone with a triple-digit IQ, that he is a mouse in a maze being led around by the nose.

    And having characters actually play their roles, shouldn’t be drama. Tigh being relieved from duty, then put right back on? The President acting like the President? Apollo losing all credibility as a C.A.G over the last 3 weeks? It actually helps quite a bit that the original pilots were killed off, because frankly he’s not the person for the job. And why bother building up the whole “Choosing Sides” issue 2 eps ago, only to have Apollo completely ignore it this ep? Grr.

    I don’t like this direction, but hopefully they’ll get their ass kicked by the Cylons in the next week or two and get back to the real story instead of the fluff.

    Any show can produce inter-character drama. This show is supposed to be about something else. It’s hard to continue to buy into the “Survival of Humanity” when they’re willing to let humanity die out in Episode 5 for one character. It just doesn’t wash, regardless of their emotions. Sorry if this sounds overly harsh, but in this ‘Lurkers opinon they’re heading in the wrong direction with the series.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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