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    I was listenin’ to the radio on the way home last night, and heard that there are rumours that Buffy may be axed due to low ratings in the States (after the current series I assume).

    No more details than that (it was Radio One after all, I’m amazed that they covered it in so much detail as it is).

    Looks like SMG picked the right time to bail.

    Apparantly a spokes person said that, even if it does get axed, that doesn’t mean it won’t be back at some point.

    The only info I’ve had on the new series is from a mate in the States, who refuses to tell me how bad she thinks it is until I’ve seen it myself, and the posts here that I’ve avoided reading, again… ’til I’ve seen it myself.

    Am I setting myself up for huge disappointment?


    i dont think you will be disappointed.from what ive heard,season 7 is going well..if not a tad confusing what with all the bacvk story(you will see what i mean when you watch it)as far as im aware,this season wont be cancelled so should go through to the end.i think that rumour started as SMG has not yet renewed her contract,and its doubtful she will……still,you never know!!


    Holy cow, it’s been forever since I visited here. Bad me! *slaps wrist*

    Well, as a faithful (but not *Faith*ful) watcher (or do I mean viewer?) of BtVS, I can tell you I have found Season to be Phenomenal! (notice, with a capital “P”!) Sure, there are some things that will make you go “wha-?” But, nothing like the Season 5 ending (Buffy’s sudden realization that she and Dawn are actually interchangeable – great dramatically, but I still don’t get it. And Olaf, the troll god’s hammer… since when did he become a troll god?)

    Well, at least any Season 7 conundrums *I* could explain to myself, hence, my extreme enjoyment.

    As it stands, the big honcho-type person of CBS (the station that owns UPN, where BtVS is aired here) isn’t sounding very hopeful, but they always throw out the last line that it still *may* come back in some form or another.

    And, there is still no definite word on SMG’s decision one way or another. I have a feeling the concensus amongst the fandom is that she’s not going to sign on again (so that way she can go off and do Scooby Doo 2… yeah, bold career move.) My personal cattiness aside, I wish her the best whatever she chooses.

    As for the ratings… I don’t actually pay too much attention to them. However, there are theories. One is that UPN doesn’t reach as many people, but I think the math will work for them in that aspect… can’t explain it, but, I don’t think that reflects as heavily…

    Another is that due to Season 6 being heavy in the melodrama, and the ugliness of the end, a lot of viewers who were faithful to one of the relationships (and I’m not talking Anya and Xander or Spike and Buffy) jumped ship. Mind you, I don’t have numbers or proof, but simply a possibility. Sadly, I do think Season 6 alienated a lot of viewers.

    And then there’s the whole back story going on that can be confusing to new viewers…

    but I’ve rambled too much… hope I answered some things… maybe…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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