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    Gripping right the way through!

    Ok, I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and was pretty much resigned to the possibility that this episode could be as bad as the first. But no! I actually found myself interested in how it was going to end up. The show kept twisting and turning and … well, it was pretty darned good.

    And then, in the final scene it seeemed that all my dreams had been answered, yes, we all saw it – Whedonverse has lasers!

    The derelict ship was destroyed with a laser. Thank goodness! A bloody huge battlecruiser 500 years in the future has a laser!

    I almost failed to nocice that they has six-shooters clipped to their space suits! It was wonderful!

    I can’t wait to review the episode when I’m sober


    You aren’t the only one who was impressed by this second episode. There has been many a 360 degree turn from people who were none to impressed with the first episode, who were very glad they decided to tune in for the second ep. As for myself, I loved Train Job, but I was seriously impressed by Bushwhacked. It had action from the get go, much better dialog, and the seemless FX were impressive as usual. Now, if Shepherd could just have a convenient and very fatal encounter with a baddy, all would be right with the world



    Call me crazy, but I think this show has a future. It’s good old-fashioned storytelling with a twist, and it doesn’t concentrate on CGI and cool fighting techniques at the expense of the characters’ individual stories.

    The characters are all taking shape too. Jayne is a certified butthead who can still pull off some funny moments. The captain, Mal, is an honorable man who does what he has to, but will do the right thing if he can. I happily await sparks between him and Inara, as I’m sure there’ll be some. Kaylee the engineer is smart and funny, too.

    The rest of them still need some work. I’m not fond of psycho-nut-psychic types like River, and the doctor can go either way: either be really likable or be a real ****ant, but at least he has some flaws (scared to death of space, for instance). I’m also not fond of wise, reverential types, but I can see the preacher has his uses because he’s not afraid to be devious. I’ll reserve judgment on him.

    So far, Zoe and Wash are bland. Wash is just too easy-going about his wife to be believable, and Zoe’s conflicts (if she has any) aren’t clear yet. Their story has its potential, so I guess we just have to wait for Whedon to get around to them. He has a bad habit of shorting his secondary characters, sometimes. All in all, there’s enough in Firefly to keep me interested for quite a while.


    I must of been too hyper and impatient that night. I didn’t mind that the channel got changed because I found the first five minutes boring.(It seems almost obligatory to have a “how’s your sister” conversation. GAH! No more, no more or make fun of that kind of conversation soon!) We switched back to see if it got interesting but only the last ten minutes actually seemed to keep me there.

    I noticed the lasers. Wondered what you would think of that, Sadgeezer. *chuckle*


    The second episode appears to have performed worse than the first episode..hopefully the show can hold onto or build upon its audience. Interestingly, Buffy witnessed a big leap between episodes though (and so, the gap is closing between the shows…which can be interpreted either way). Normally, I wouldn’t pay such close attention to rating figures, but given the high profile of the show – not to mention Firefly’s drawing attention to the genre itself – this is not encouraging for either sci fi or Whedon.
    Prime-time ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research for the week of Sept. 23-29. Top 20 listings include the week’s ranking, with rating for the week and season-to-date rankings in parentheses.

    An “X” in parentheses denotes a one-time-only presentation. The rating is the percentage of the nation’s estimated 106.7 million TV homes. Each ratings point represents 1,067,000 households.

    1. (1) “Friends,” NBC, 20.3, 21.7 million homes.

    2. (2) “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” CBS, 18.2, 19.4 million homes.

    3. (3) “ER,” NBC, 16.9, 18.0 million homes.

    4. (X) “Everybody Loves Raymond,” CBS, 15.3, 16.3 million homes.

    5. (4) “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Miami,” CBS, 14.9, 16.0 million homes.

    6. (5) “Everybody Loves Raymond,” CBS, 14.7, 15.7 million homes.

    7. (6) “Frasier,” NBC, 14.1, 15.1 million homes.

    8. (7) “Will & Grace,” NBC, 13.9, 14.8 million homes.

    9. (8) “Scrubs,” NBC, 13.8, 14.7 million homes.

    10. (9) “NFL Monday Night Football: St. Louis at Tampa Bay,” ABC, 12.5, 13.4 million homes.

    11. (10) “Survivor: Thailand,” CBS, 12.3, 13.1 million homes.

    12. (11) “West Wing,” NBC, 12.0, 12.9 million homes.

    13. (12) “Good Morning Miami,” NBC, 11.8, 12.6 million homes.

    14. (13) “JAG,” CBS, 10.8, 11.6 million homes.

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    17. (16) “Hidden Hills,” NBC, 10.5, 11.2 million homes.

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    19. (19) “The Guardian,” CBS, 9.6, 10.2 million homes.

    19. (19) “Yes, Dear,” CBS, 9.6, 10.3 million homes.

    21. “King of Queens,” CBS, 9.3
    22. “American Dreams,” NBC, 9.2

    22. “My Wife and Kids,” ABC, 9.2

    22. “NYPD Blue,” ABC, 9.2

    22. “The Practice,” ABC, 9.2

    26. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 9.1

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    27. (X) “Presidio Med Special,” CBS, 9.0

    29. “Hack,” CBS, 8.4

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    31. “NFL Monday Showcase,” ABC, 7.9

    32. “Big Brother 3-Wednesday,” CBS, 7.8

    32. (X) “In-laws,” NBC, 7.8

    34. “60 Minutes II,” CBS, 7.6

    35. “Dateline NBC-Friday,” NBC, 7.5

    36. “Dateline NBC-Tuesday,” NBC, 7.3

    36. (X) “Life with Bonnie,” ABC, 7.3

    38. “Fear Factor,” NBC, 7.1

    39. “ABC Saturday Night at the Movies: The Green Mile,” ABC, 7.0

    39. “Alias,” ABC, 7.0

    39. “Ed,” NBC, 7.0

    42. “20/20-Friday,” ABC, 6.9

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    53. “Fastlane,” Fox, 5.4

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    55. “MDs,” ABC, 5.3

    56. “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” ABC, 5.2

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    57. “Monk,” ABC, 5.0

    57. “Touched by an Angel,” CBS, 5.0

    60. “Bernie Mac,” Fox, 4.9

    60. “Cedric the Entertainer Presents,” Fox, 4.9

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    118. “Weakest Link,” Pax, 0.7

    123. “It’s a Miracle,” Pax, 0.6

    123. “Just Cause-Tuesday,” Pax, 0.6

    125. “Candid Camera-Wednesday,” Pax, 0.5


    I thought that the second episode cinched it for me. The Train Job was lacking, and if it weren’t for this sites dedication to the show, I probably wouldn’t ahev given Firefly a second chance. But I’m glad that I did, because this last ep made up for the “pilot”.

    I do belive that its still to early and pessimestic to be talking about cancellations. If Firefly were on UPN, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. But its only because its on FOX, a real network, that low ratings are becoming such an issue, here. I’m weary of FOX becasue of their cancellation of Greg the Bunny and Family Guy.


    Good grief! a show about Prince William rated higher than Firefly, Buffy or Enterprise!

    A sad day for American TV

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