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    That would be such a wonderful resource for the Save Farscape campaign! I could post news updates, and the feed could be added to the sites on the Save Farscape webring.

    Thanks so much for this offer Sad, and yes, I would love too. I believe my e-mail addy is in my profile, if you need to contact me.



    Camelyn. I think the posts in this forum are great and everything, but I’m not sure that you are getting the best coverage.

    Would you be up for becoming a News reporter (ie placing news items in the Farscape SG Guide newfeed.

    Typically, you could post a news item in this forum and then place a short topic in the news feed linking it (or to another site/link).

    Lots of people use the farscape newsfeed which is not used to it’s full capacity at the moment. It CAN be used by lots of farscape activists on their sites to keep everyone informed.

    It’s just a suggestion, but so many peeps like you are working so hard on this, I wanted top suggest some way of developing the network.

    I think it would help if you became an SG moderator too – you’d have access to a LOT more resources.

    What do you think?


    Hiya Camelyn.

    Excellent. Unfortunately the ‘show email address’ feature on your profile is turned off. Could you send me a blank email and I’ll explain how to get to the other resources.

    [email protected]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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