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    I have stumbled over a few websites were people list their proposals for a possible cast for the H2G2 movie. I thought I’d do the same.

    First, Arthur Dent. Since he is mostly confused and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on most of the time, I can think of none other than Hugh Laurie for this role.

    Second, Ford Prefect. A man that looks normal, but certanly isn’t. I’d like to see Martin Short in this role. Perhaps he’s too old today, but still … Eric Idle or Michael Palin are two others.

    Third, Zaphod Beeblebrox. The one I’d like to see portray this cocky and self-centred alien is Rik Mayall. He’d be perfect for it.

    Fourth, Tricia McMillan. Like DNA says, this is the character with the least ‘flesh’. I have no idea who should play this role.

    Fifth, Marvin The Paranoid Android. Well, people are talking about Jim Carrey, so I think that he should play this role if any. Why? Because Marvin doesn’t appeare so much and, here’s the thing, he doesn’t talk much.

    What do you think of my proposals? What are yours?


    Good proposal; Hugh Laurie is perfect, and am very pleased to see someone mention Rik Mayall. Not only did I enjoy The Young Ones, but enjoyed his Lord Flashheart, and Rik Mayal presents (how many people here know that show I wonder?)

    Here’s my quick list:

    Arthur Dent: Mr. T because everybody knows how much Arthur loves his cup of T.

    Ford Prefect: David Hasselhoff cause a lifeguard on a beach also knows where his towel is at.

    Zaphod B: Any old actor with two heads would do (and luckily for casting, most of them are unemployed too)

    Trillian: Eddie Izzard (just for fun)

    Marvin: Any very sad geezer would do. 😉

    Slartibartfast: undecided

    A very good list of yours, interesting choices. Please excuse mine. For Zaphod I’d really quite like to see Tim Curry — he just has that weirdness down. Much as I’d like to see Palin, or Idle in the role of Ford, they are a little too old — maybe as Slartibartfast? But then is Tim C. a little old for Zaphod? — no, I think not.

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