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    Not sure how accurate all this is, but a very disgruntled geezer who is trying to save Battlestar Galactica emailed me this.


    ‘The Scifi Channel’, is censoring!

    Censorship and the SCI-FI Channel’s scifi.com bboard section.

    (5.October.02) Both BattlestarGalactica.com and BattlestarPegasus.com will be removing their links (via their Discussions areas) to the SCI-FI Channel’s scifi.com “Battlestar Galactica” bboard (forum).

    The issue of censorship has been seen at scifi.com on the scifi.com’s “Battlestar Galactica” forum, as well as witnessed by this person on the scifi.com’s Farscape forum. The SCI-FI Channel has demonstrated a willingness to selectively remove bboard posts which speak negatively of executive Bonnie Hammer. Yet personal attacks and slanders on others which are also a violation of SCI-FI Channel’s scifi.com bboards, are not dealt with. This selective censorship is WRONG and we at BattlestarGalactica.com and BattlestarPegasus.com will not link to the SCI-FI Channel’s scifi.com forums until the policies are enforced on a regular, ongoing basis for all.

    The SCI-FI Channel should be reminded that as a publicly-held company with Vivendi Universal, it is responsible for its business practices, including its own codes/policies of conduct and behavior.

    As the home to the planned “remake” of “Battlestar Galactica” in mini-series format, we, as fans and potential viewers, expect more professionalism from the SCI-FI Channel on their handling of their scifi.com bboard forums — and the proper management of said forums (which does not include selective censorship or the ignorance of user feedback via scifi.com’s own policies).

    Michael Faries, Site Manager/Editor-in-Chief
    BattlestarGalactica.com * BattlestarPegasus.com


    John von Oesen

    Btw: Check out http://bboard.scifi.com/bboard/browse.cgi/7/7


    I remember when I just to go to the scifi bboard (never regularily as the format sucks, there’s a lot of chaff to wade through and it’s just so darned fast) that posts would sometimes just ‘go missing’


    They’re morons, nuff said.

    Sorry can’t think of anything more eloquent.

    PS: I wouldent mind seeing another BSG series, but Babylon5 was so similar I kinda got my fill.


    The poor quality of the SciFi.Com bulletin board technology has ceaselessly caused trouble.

    And they just don’t care. I mean, think about it. If they gave a DAMN about sci-fi fans, they would provide a modern bulletin board system. But no. They have a cheap piece of crap they call a bbs and smother it with pop-up ads.

    **** them.



    Originally posted by SadGeezer:
    Not sure how accurate all this is, but a very disgruntled geezer who is trying to save Battlestar Galactica emailed me this.

    Btw: Check out http://bboard.scifi.com/bboard/browse.cgi/7/7

    WOW!! I had no idea the Scifi bb had a personals area!!!


    I remember spending time on the IRC server. THat was a truly dreadful piece of software too.. no services, no protection for users or channels etc.
    Once spoke to one of the admins who told me they were, at the time, planning to replace it. My heart then dropped when he said that he was writing it himself and basing it on the existing programme as that’s the only one he had experience of.



    Originally posted by Micromary:

    WOW!! I had no idea the Scifi bb had a personals area!!!


    That is truly, truly disturbing. More disturbing, even, than Lexxtubbies.

    I like this one, it’s cute:

    “Super Villain Seeks Attractive Hench Woman.
    Must be attractive, Martial arts abilities a must, Willing to help with creating a super villain prodigy that will more than likely resent me in the future.
    Please send References, Resume, and picture

    Please note, the Villain prefers Redheads. ”

    But my favorite is, “Alien seeking the most rear of all jewel.”

    I repeat, WHAAAA?!!



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