Chat during BSG viewing?

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    Headge, I was in the #sadgeezer room on earlier in the month and one of your posters (Darios) ventured in. While he was in there we discussed the Sadgeezer Chats that we use to have while Lexx was being broadcast. He thought that was a cool idea to log on to mirc (or use the sadgeezer chat portal) and discuss the episode while it was being broadcast. I encouraged him to post the idea here. As yet, I haven’t seen it, so I thought I would just pop it up here instead. (I am sorry if this idea has already been posted but I missed it)

    Anyhow, this might be something that the BSG viewers might want to consider. I know we had a blast doing it during Lexx. It was great to watch something and then see someone post a tid-bit about it, or even just comment…. what the flark are they thinking of??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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