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    What do you all think would be good Christmas gift for the characters (not cast) of Lexx? I thought up this little poem:

    To Xev, a silk nighty. To Preist, fake poo.
    To Kai, a big peace sign rub-on tatoo.
    To Stan, a copy of What Women Want.
    790, a funky new programming font

    To Bunny, a book on pleasing techniques.
    To Prince, bottled water from glacier peaks.
    For all, Lexx could use better food-making skills.
    But, Lexx might like a girlfriend and some Viagra pills

    Any more suggestions?

    Princess of Fire



    For Xev, a peppermint stick
    All sticky and sweet.

    For Stan, some antibiotics
    To help him smell neat.

    For Kai, a video
    To achieve other ‘do’s.

    For 790, an upgrade
    For some hands and some feet.

    For Bunny, a ball
    To make Prince fetch.

    For Prince, humility
    So he won’t make us wretch

    For the President, a backbone
    Maybe he’ll get one yet.

    For Lexx, a salad
    Big and nice and green.
    And lots of protein
    So he can fly about
    A lean, mean fighting machine.

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    merry christmas to both of you! and thanx for the poems!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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