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    By that I mean series that were not just Alien of the week,but ones which told a story and if you missed an episode you lost what was going on

    For me the master of the infuriating as far as this is concerned was Farscape,if you missed just one episode of that show you were scratching your head in the next one,but to me that was not a bad thing,its what mad it so Damn good!…so I never missed an episode again

    Other less infuriating shows would have to be Deep space nine in its later seasons,Babylon five,and to a lesser extent Blakes seven

    What do you all reckon?….do you have a liking for this type of show,or do you prefer to be able to miss one,two,three episodes and just get home from work/the seaside/the pub without having any sort of commitment?


    Hey Spooookie. You pose an interesting question. I’m pretty laid back, so I don’t need a nail-biting story arc to keep me watching week in and week out. For instance, I liked the X-Files in the early seasons. They basically solved anonymos (but interesting) X-files every episode but once every 4-5 weeks there would be an episode about the whole “Cancer Man/ gov’t conspiracy/ alien cover-up” thing. That’s more my speed. Then you have shows like BSG that move so fast one really needs TiVO in order to follow all the nuiances and plot developments. BSG is still a great series, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t miss an episode and expect to be “in the know”.


    i never really have much of a problem of catching up to shows like that. all i have to do is recall what happend in the last episode i watched & pay close attention then i figure out exactly whats going on & can pretty well guess whats going to happen next. But i do like shows lthat have a story line as well as those that don’t.


    I like a mix of both, i love epic story arcs spanning years but i also like stand alones.

    i dont get why people complain about deep space nine unless they’ve never encountered a story arc before. i watched it originally in all kinds of orders and still managed to follow 🙂



    Welcome! Always nice to have another hitchhikers fan here.

    For me Lost is like that. Miss a few episodes and WTF?


    i more or less gave up trying to watch the last season of BSG… i’d struggle to find the time to watch it for a couple of episodes, then i would find the time to sit down and watch- only to realise that i really had missed a chunk of the story, and from then on would struggle to understand fully what was going on. it really isn’t one of those shows(as far as i’m concerned) that you can miss chunks out of. and it’s not alone. don’t get me wrong, i do enjoy the sort of show that follows an arc, like BSG. but it’s not very often these days that i have the time to sit down and fully appreciate the efforts that go into them. it does get very frustrating 🙁 unfortunately, i can’t think of of a strong scifi show at the minute that i can just dip into, as it were….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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