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    From the Fandominion site.

    [quote]Farscape creator begins production on fandom-inspired series for The WB

    After just having wrapped post production on the Sci Fi channel miniseries The Triangle (to air in Dec. 2005), Rockne O’Bannon (Farscape, Alien Nation) has begun casting his next series; one based on science fiction fandom.

    Named Cult, the new series is being made for The WB for the 2006-2007 season. O’Bannon says after Farscape, he was moved by the depth and distinct culture that develops within fandom around a few special shows.

    He says Farscape (like Star Trek previously) had such a fan base. Among current series, he says Lost also has a deeply-committed fan base which is developing its own multi-level culture.

    The new WB series he is producing and writing finds a darker possibility – where fans actually are swept up in and are affected by the unexpected mysteries and dangers surrounding the production of their favorite television program.

    In this instance the main protagonist, a WB-requisite 20-something man, is looking for his missing little brother who may have fallen victim to foul play. The resulting investigation into the disappearance leads him deep within the fandom circles of a fictional TV series called (not-so-coincidentally) Cult.

    In a Sci Fi Wire article, O’Bannon compares the creepy factor in the new show to the films Silence of the Lambs and Se7en.

    Is it time to get the pitch forks out yet?



    [quote=”Frey”]Is it time to get the pitch forks out yet?[/quote]

    Iff people find it a little hard to swallow, I’d be willing to fork out some knives.

    I once tried to pitch a somewhat similar idea for a show. I think the cult fandom aspect is intriguing, and like any cults, fandoms can be kind of creepy (especially within the fanaticdom recesses of fandom).

    If only it came from the minds of the Beans, the lexX[ian] Files could work well.

    Think I’d like to write a TV series where a corny sci-fi TV series spawns a scientology-type cult.



    My big problem with this is the HaHa crowd. They will gauffaw at a bunch of trekies or Warsies, or Whovians or freaking SCA’ers ect…. who are for the most part very nice people. While never looking at their own weird behavior.

    Okay, so people like to dress up in costume and go to camping events and make like times of old, or re-enact their favorite episode. The problem with this is?????

    For the most part they are with a group of people who understand and condone this bit of fun and they are not bothering the straights.

    Now, your straights who belong to the HaHa club, see nothing wrong or werid about their own behavior.

    For instance, what normal group of people spend their life chasing down an original radiator for 62 Chevy ‘mumble, mumble mumble’ short block. The car is a piece of crap and is more bondo than metal but that’s okay, we are going to spend the kids college money restoring it and someday pass it on to them. At which point in time, said kid who has grown to lothe the car will douse it with lighter fluid and set it aflame. This will enable the kid to spend a cheerful hour with their children roasting marshmellows over the burning hulk. Weird. Yet some people think this is perfectly normal, which goes to show it is more often your perspective on an act rather than the act itself that makes it seem weird.

    Don’t even get me started on the Straight HaHa’er who think that going out every weeked and getting blotto is normal behavior. Clue. If you have to come back the next day and look for your car, you are not someone who should be throwing stones at others. ๐Ÿ˜€


    But what do you think?



    [quote=”thefrey”]But what do you think?[/quote]


    For those with no clicky:



    Well, as I see it, everybody Hahas about something. My friend HaHas me for refusing to watch broadcast TV because they replaced Firefly and Farscape with “reality” (*snort*) shows (apparently I am taking it too personally), and I HaHa her for using “scrapbook” as a $50-a-week verb. She HaHas me for wearing BDU pants, and I HaHa her for using a 20-lb purse.

    But, as we’ve come to agreements on Ewan Mcgregor and Ben Browder, (though she through Down with Love and Party of Five)all is right with the world.



    Well I love HaHa’ing my friends. After all isn’t ridicule from the ones you love just part of being a friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I do try…. try not to haha too many other groups with out walking a mile carrying their purse. Now, having walked that mile…. what can I say, all bets are off! ๐Ÿ˜€



    I had an idea for a show some time ago called “Typecast” starring William Shatner and Adam West as two actors trying to put a show together but being stymied at every turn by fans of their former roles. Each guest star for the week could inspire a story based on the cult show they had been on.

    Mostly improv with those two, mind you. It would be more hilarious than anything a writer beaten down by standards could come up with.

    I think it would be nice to have an episode in which Patrick McGoohan guest stars as the Director of an actor’s retreat where they are doing all those horrible workshops on how to pretend to Be the Tree, and Shatner and West keep trying to escape. It could be called “Hotel California”, and all the tea would be Long Island Iced Tea so they would get more and more wasted until they think they meet themselves, then they each wake up at home and find a note saying they weren’t Hotel California material. . ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wayne Alexander could show up in another episode called “Eyes without a Face” and just as you thought you were going to see his real face, something would pass by the screen. Or he’d have a different face on every time. [size=9](*Yes, I know Sebastian was his real face, but most of his B5 roles weren’t.)[/size]



    Talking of this, its time to mention a fun little game I play:

    1.) Think of a concept (philosophical or ideological works best) from a Sci-Fi show eg: The Prime Directive from Star Trek.

    2.) Next time you’re talking to Ha Ha friends and the conversation moves to something that your concept is linked eg: (for our example) international relations would work.

    3.) Outline the concept from the show, but on no account mention were it comes from (this is the most important part).

    4.) Observe the reaction of your friends, if they say that it’s a good idea mention that the concept comes from the Sci-Fi show you originally chose.

    5.) Observe their new reaction to the concept after they’ve realised that they agreed with something they usually mock.



    My hubby likes to play that game with Soylent Green…. ๐Ÿ˜†



    Soylent Green is people to! ๐Ÿ˜€

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