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    has anyone had doubts?
    i actually like the character, but i have had this nagging feeling that he’s still and allways has been with the peacekeepers. Spying and infiltrating the crew, for reasons not quite understood yet!? I get this feeling mainly when he first went over to moya and how scorpius reacted on this, if you have the tape/dvd look and listen. Im very suspicous and intrigued if there is a coalition that is well covered up.Is crais another pawn in the peacekeeper game, or am I just a paranoid obsessive.
    Your thoughts please…..


    I think you can rest assured that this WILL be an issue in future episodes. Keep in mind, if it weren’t for Chrichton, Aeryn would still be “PK ALL THE WAY” (do you think that’s what Peacekeeper cheerleaders say?). Crais, on the other hand, also has that strong PK drive like Aeryn did, but he has no one to balance it like Aeryn does. Maybe Talyn, but Talyn is a child, and is still learning. Crais has made it clear that he isn’t PK any more because he CAN’T be, not because he doesn’t WANT to be. So, in short, yes, there will be doubts in the future. But where it all stands after the smoke has cleared is the question…


    I think that Crais’s loyalties are with himself and what he can do to make his life better. He has Talyn but has a hard time controlling him as Talyn is a youth and must learn the way of the universe and Crais is use to adults obaying his orders. I think thats one of the reasons he wants Aeryn around (besides bedding her) to help controll Talyn. I think that Scorpius brought up a turning point to the story line that he didnt want the wromhole tech. to find earth but to stop the Scarions(?) from getting it. I think that will a main story line with everyone working towards a way to stop that. Love the way the story line changes, if it was just Crais chasing John and crew I would have stoped watching season 2. You know the old Good guy/ Bad guy fight plot line. I belive that FS has passed that by and gone on to better things.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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