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    hubby and i went to Oklahoma to visit family on my b-day. we had rented a motel room and had all of our stuff inside when i went to the bathroom, shut the door and sat down to ‘do my business’. i looked down and a foot and a half away from my feet was this big ‘freakin’ hairy spider in the corner by the door jamb and the wall!!! YIKES!! so i opened the door while pulling my pants up hollering at hubby “there is a big freakin hairy spider in there and you have to kill it!!! hehehe like the great hubby he is, he immediately came to my rescue! he grabbed one of the motels hangers and squished it dead! ok now for the creepy part! when he squished the spider, hundreds of baby spiders came out!!!!!!!! we immediately grabbed our belongings and got out of the room! the motel manager gave us another room far away from that room!! i wish you could have seen hubby trying to stomp on those little spiders trying to get out of there!! i usually don’t mind spiders like the grandaddy longlegs and the little bitty spiders, i usually grab them and put them on the patio if they make it into the house. but if they are the “big freakin hairy” ones, i am not so fond of them! poor hubby actually has a bit of a phobia about them, but he was so brave protecting me and my son! he thinks that the spider was a wolf spider, which is common here in Texas and Oklahoma and is not poisonous. but i was not going to run that risk with my family there. better to squish it than get bit. i had been bitten by a brown recluse spider before and was very sick and actually have scars from the bite. a friend of mine had to have surgery to remove dead tissue from her arm and leg from a brown recluse bite! i was very lucky that my damage was minimal!

    on a side note the new room we got, the first thing we did was check the bathroom and all of the corners. we did find a cute catepillar in the bathroom and we picked it up and set it outside in the grassy yard.

    i would love to read other freaky insect and arachnid stories!!


    I once ate a spider on a dare (true! no sh!t!)…


    It was a warm sunny day, a year or so ago. I looked to the kitchen, admiring the sunlight streaming through the window. Was that dust floating to the window? NO, it was purposely moving to the sill. I moved closer to the entrance of the galley sized area.

    I looked closer and noticed the dust had wings. OMG, what in the heck were those things? I went to the window and began squashing. Where are they coming from? What were these long-clear-winged things? I had never seen anything like them before.

    The numbers increased. I couldn’t kill them fast enough. I turned to what I thought was the source. A few were stuck to the wood. I squished them. I gave up the hunt for the day. I seemed to have squashed enough, perhaps all of them.

    The next day at midmorning, more bugs. Where were these things coming from? I dutifully squished all I saw and started thinking of a good bug spray.

    The children and I played in the front room and noon soon rolled around. I looked to the kitchen wondering what I would make for lunch. Then I saw it, a SWARM of bugs flying across from the door jam to the hallway to the sunny window. I grabbed my little ones and the phone and hustled it out of the house. I called Orkin first, kind of jumping over the landladies head, to find out what in the jumping jiminy those things were! Turned out this house has termites and they were swarming in the house. *shudder* I was told to keep all the curtains closed because they are attracted to sunlight.

    It was really disgusting to see those suckers flying across the kitchen like that. *shudder*


    We went to visit my mother in Texas one year. Bear in mind that I’m a native of Texas, and my Other is not, so this wasn’t so shocking to me. One afternoon we were sitting in the living room watching TV with my mother, me on the couch, and the Other on the floor leaning back against my knees. I thought I saw something move on the carpet. Then I spotted it, and very calmly told my Other to get up, there was a scorpion coming toward him. I thought we were going to have to pry him off the ceiling.

    My mother killed the scorpion with a shoe. She wasn’t upset by the scorpion so much, as she was that my Other would think she often had bugs in the house. We think it came down through the chimney.

    After that, I told him he better shake out his shoes in the mornings before putting them on. Living so long away from Texas, I had forgotten that we needed to do that. He couldn’t wait to leave.


    can’t think of owt really creepy at the mo…can’t complain about spiders too much either-we keep them!! i can tell you one or two daft stories though. during my serious goth phase a few years ago, every hallowe’en i’d really go to town-black clothes, lipstick, nail varnish, etc, etc….anyway, me and the other half decided to add to the affect by taking our Chile Rose tarantula, Titch out to the pub with us in a small tank. we got to the pub and sat down with the usual crew and got her out onto the table. she sat there quite happily-and quite still- for some time. so still in fact, that many sat round that table thought she was a toy we’d bought out with us for a laugh….until she crawled forward a couple of inches…one guy after shouting “OH MY GOD!!!” at the top his voice, proceeded to levitate himself so far up the wall it looked like he had velcro on the back of his jacket, several barmaids shrieked, and quite a few grown men decided that they would rather sit at the opposite end of the pub. eventually, the barmaids came up and said “well, i don’t like spiders…is it ok if i stroke her?”-which they did., whilst the guys stayed firmly entrenched in the corner. what is it about grown men at times?bunch of wusses…
    as you can imagine, we have to feed them live food-crickets, mainly. i remember an incident some time ago when the other half still lived with his dad. we were larking about in his bedroom (not in that way!!!), when he threw his arm out, like he’d thrown something at me. i didn’t see him throw anything, so i just thought he was being daft. then i felt something tickling me. i lifted down the shoulder of my dress- to be face by a cricket!! scream?? i nearly shattered glass!! that dress came off quite quick, though if that was his plan he was sorely dissapointed after chucking a creepy crawlie at me!!!
    p.s. check out Pink Toe Tatantulas-they’re an arboreal species, jet black, with pink tips to their legs. they’re really cuuuute!! no, really-they are!!!

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    Living in the UK, we don’t have to worry too much about bugs the size of double decker buses (which is fine by me), or venemous creepy crawlies (also surprisingly happy about this). In fact the most dangerous bug over here is probably a nasty cough. So I apologise if this anecdote pales into insignificance when compaired to the brushes with death and and tales of ‘eugh’ above.

    I was walking into Crayford back in my ‘yoof’, down the high street (unless you know Crayford, that high street bit was meaningless. Just look on it as texture to this tale). Anyone who does know Crayford at all will realise how unpleasent this tale has already got. It gets worse. So there I was walking into the high street on a warm sunny day. The sky was blue, the clouds white and fluffy, when I became aware of a grey swirling haze coming down the high street. Not a little swirling haze, it filled the bloody high street. I was so busy trying to work out what the hell it was that I completely failed to notice the pedestrians fleeing in varying states of distress. As I got closer to it, or it got closer to me my curiosity grew. Sadly it grew to a point that I completely lost all common sense and the idea of seeking cover didn’t even occur to me.

    The next thing I knew I was engulfed by the biggest swarm of flying ants I had ever seen. Just to give you a sense of scale and the sheer impact of this sight… The usual scenario over here is 20 – 30 flying ants, no more than 1cm long crawl out from under your patio, and all people gathered go into fits and start shrieking about the pestilence of biblical proportions that is errupting all around them. With me so far? 20 – 30 flying ants = quite a lot.

    Now picture the scene back in Crayford high street. The whole place filled with flying ants. There must have been several hundred thousand of them. And muggins here, walked straight into them and didn’t even think to nip into a shop! I never claimed to be bright. Flying ants going up your nose is not a fun party trick!!!

    That evenings shower revield ants from places ants really shouldn’t be. Don’t dwell on that image. It’s not condusive to a balanced state of mind.


    when i still lived with my mum & dad, they had a wasp’s nest in the loft (we didn’t look, we could hear them!). i was in the bathroom one morning when i heard a buzzing by my ear. i looked round to see one of them crawling in my hair! that was quite freaky, though it took my brother to actually get stung before they called in the council (they were coming into the bedrooms at this point). after the council guy had come and gone the other half went up into the loft to fetch the nest out. it was huge- must have been 3ft x 2ft. beautifully constructed-it was almost a shame to destroy it


    I was in college long ago. It was a hot lazy Saturday afternoon. All the roommates in the suite I shared were sitting around looking ready to collect flies about their stinky bodies. In flew a big angry hornet without warning. Much running. Much screaming. It buzzed us. It scared us. It tried to carry us out the window with it no doubt to be a delicious meal with our bones to be spread across the approaching October landscape. Then it flew too close to the web by the window. Out came the biggest hairiest spider you ever saw. We had never looked in that hole in the ceiling. Who would? The spider and the hornet fought. It was a grand battle of epic proportion. The bee made angry noises and the spider held on to the leg desperately staying out of reach of the venomous insect. An hour passed. Maybe more. Then the spider declared victory and wrapped up its winter meal and disappeared with it into its hole. We praised the spider and he was the instant hero. More came to join her. We let them be.

    Remember, Insect Overlord is not necessarily an insect. Happy Halloween.


    And I thought you’d be on the side of your subject, the hornet You traitor!

    But then again, that hornet’s open treachery should not have gone unpunished .

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