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    that cannot be the end. we’ve been left with an ending which it is obvious that was originally meant to have a solution-and in the minds of may fans, there is one.but what is it? how did the writers plan to resolve this situation? we are only left with possibilities….and i don’t know about anyone else here in the UK, but i’ve been left with a knot in my stomach because of it. ok, maybe ultimately we cannot expect a nice happy ending to every series we become attached to-maybe it would have been ok if Crichton had gone out in the midst of a battle- but this end was so senseless and cruel-not just for the characters, but for those who love the show, too. just when we thought after all everything the crew had been through, things were finally going to turn out ok.we know, deep down that they must get out of it-but to have the fond memories of the show tarnished by that one final image….D’argo crying out….i cannot believe it was meant to be this way.
    i don’t know. i’ve had a lot of depressing things happen to me over the past few months. watching Farscape, amongst other shows, has helped take my mind off a lot of things. maybe i’m taking this a little personally, but it feels like i’ve been slapped in the face. it’s upset me a great deal, certainly-i don’t know about anyone else ๐Ÿ˜ฅ if anyone else has seen it, you may well agree-what we have been left with thus far is an ending reminiscent of the end to Das Boot (and that nearly made me put my foot through the tv screen)
    jeez, must go. got to find a picture of Bonnie Hammer to pin up on the back of the door, so i can throw darts at it. after that, i can use it as loo roll…no, hang on-there’s a new age store in Loughborough…i wonder if they sell voodoo dolls..hmmmm…


    Still waiting for the last two episodes here in the States. Next time post Spoiler =p hehe I forget too =)

    My *guess* would be that this episode was not the end. As far as I know when they filmed the final episode it was done to be a cllffhanger for the next season. Then viola, enter the suits, no more Farscape, so with some twists in editing they wrapped it up.

    Ever see Now and Again?

    Great CBS show, got rave reviews, werent expecting to be cancelled. In the final episode the last words are “Kill them all” and thats how it ended. So technically the good guy, his daughter and wife were all mercilessly killed by the US Government.

    Just another reason they need to give well-recieved shows a chance to “wrap it up” so to speak.


    i ment to say this right after farscape but we didnt have the net for the last couple of days.

    they should of ended the show with la bomba or cut the last 30 seconds/minuate of the final ep so we could have a happy ending once they realised it was gonna be canceled.

    we can only hope that the posible tv movie/ animai version will fix the ending and make it all happy again ๐Ÿ™‚


    ๐Ÿ˜ณ sorry, you guys in the US- i wasn’t thinking. i would have assumed you’d have seen the end before us!!!
    i’m hoping things come right, they manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat, and we get a whole new series. there’d be no justice if there wasn’t! it seems to have gone a little quiet (the campaign), at least as far as this board is concerned. i don’t get as much time as i would like to have a good look round the net-coursework when i’m not at work!! so i was kind of relying on this site to find out things. how’s it going?
    was having probs getting onto this site at first last night, so, eager to get some of my feelings off my chest, i went onto the BBC Farscape message board. from the looks of the times on the posts, there were a hell of a lot of people trying to do exactly the same as me, within minutes of the show ending. i’d say the majority of fans want to string up the executives at Sci-Fi who saw fit to cancel the show. but there were quite a few people who thought it was quite a fitting ending to the show.fitting????? now, i don’t want it to look like i’m having a go at these people-everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and would therefore view that ep in a different way- buut was HARDLY a fond farewell. i’ll probably let rip a bit more once you guys over the pond have seen it- you’ll probably understand better why i’m so p****d at Sci-Fi at the moment, and why i found it upsetting…now, where are my pins…… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    fluffy bunny

    Even if theyt don’t get another series, I’d have thought at a tv movie to finish, or at the worst do it in graphic novel/ standard literature form.


    Spoiler Spoiler SPOILER!


    The guy who flew down was ordered to “neutralize invaders for analysis”. We just assume they died. I would guess this statement would have evolved organically in the next season.

    I didn’t want it to end, but that’s the kind of ending I like. I loved the ending of Das Boot, too, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As far as I’m concerned, if it makes my jaw drop, it’s good. I didn’t like Natural Born Killers until I saw the original scripted ending of that, either. It’s too bad they cut it.

    I wouldn’t say “fitting”. I don’t think that’s it, but it does have that Shakespearean tragedy quality in which everyone dies once their destiny is complete. “Fitting”, no, “heart-wrenching and thought-provoking”, yes.

    (You must understand that this is coming from someone whose childhood outlook on life was completely changed after seeing “The Empire Strikes Back”. You mean the good guys can lose?! WHAT?!)



    Yeah Pet, I agree entirely. You never hear “Kill them” or anything, and they just seemed to be broken down into easy to transport and analyze pieces. No handcuffs, feeding, dealing with whining prisoners =p Clearly a cliffhanger in which the crew saves em next season to drag out the love story a bit longer.

    But it’s flat out crazy to leave that as-is when they spent so much time hailing and promoting the series to not even allow it to end properly after so many seasons. Typical of em tho.


    Science-fiction fandom will be talking about this for decades.

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