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    Do you have any submissions for Cult Commercials?

    The ultimate sci-fi[ish] cult ad is probably Apple’s 1984 commercial CLICK

    I just came across a pretty new, and very interesting one from Embassy Visual Effects (they’ve worked on a Nike ad, done images for Popular Science magazine, worked on Stargate SG-1 and Kingdom Hospital, and worked for Electronic Arts).

    Here’s the movie link:

    Their description: “A futuristic robot polices the chaotic streets of a developing nation in this spec commercial/corporate commercial.”

    Interesting, the first word that sprang to my mind was ironic… Within the fictional construct of the promo: Here we have money that’s been flung at developing advanced technology to stop crime in a very poor settlement from a ‘third world’ nation, while the people around it are living in abject poverty/ going hungry etc (and being subjected to its bullets). I’m reminded of the war on terrorism (policing the third world with advanced nations’ technology)… If you want to alleviate a problem (crime for instance) you must try to deal with root causes such as hopelessness, and poverty… as well as corruption…

    I thought it particularly ironic coming from a company that has done an ad for Nike – Nike, a company which has been famously accused of supporting sweatshops in “developing nations.” And interesting that it’s a commercial promo if one looks at the message as ultimately subversive – of course I’m interpreting it through the lenses of my own biases and ideology… Maybe they’re hoping to do commercials for defence contractors such as GE. 🙂

    Anyway, I think it’s a very well done promo, showcases their talent and gets one thinking… Seems pretty gritty and socially conscientious to me (in an ironic fashion). Scary idea though… Too often those living in poverty are ignored and marginalised… By sending in a robot so that real authorities don’t have to be directly subjected to the conditions (or communicate directly with the people there), is another step towards the dehumanisation and marginalisation of these groups (impersonal in the way bombs are).

    Sorry, I’m just thinking out loud. 😛 What message do you get from it?

    Incidentally, that robocop’s ears remind me of the Easter Bunny… Happy Easter!


    I always liked the slinky commercials personally. It’s the jingle you can’t get out of your head.
    Kinda Sci-Fi if you really think about it…


    Well the Smash adverts are huge!!

    But one non scifi one I used to love were the ones with the wee boy and the cat…

    Charlie Says…

    Bambooshoot 😳


    I’m seriously ashamed to say that my current fave brit TV advert is the latest Imperial Leather advert, not because of the dancing duck, but the superbly shaped ladies bottom! :/

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