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    The SadGeezers Guide is back up and undergoing work to get the content back.  i’m afraid this is a long process so i’ll keep you updated on progress here.


    30/07/08:  Text entry module complete (TinyMCE).  You should now be able to edit your posts using a wysiwyg editor. 
    30/07/09: Youtube link system now fixed and working.  Youtube video can be attached to a post (but not comments.  if you want to post a new video in the forums, you will need to start a new topic). 
    24/08/09: Tables CSS is still screwed.  Working on that this week. 
    14/08/09: Hunting for the old menu pages from a few old database backups (that didn’t get corrupted).  Long job, but I’m getting there.  New menu and index pages pointing to all the old content should be up by the end of August. 
    24/08/09: Menu Page import test has worked and will start with the LEXX content today. 
    25/07/09: No work scheduled until next month.
    24/08/09:  Once the menu pages are entered, the graphics front end for accessing review content will be placed on the main page (with the old miniature tabs) 
    24/08/09: Updating the Drupal CMS to latest version so that it will protect us innocents against those nasty spammers.  Very scary though, may take a few days with some dissruption.  



    Good to see you back, as late as I am getting the message 😛



    Currently working on a recommended section.  I’ll probably set up a forum for peeps to add their recommended viewing (either currently) or fave shows of the past.

    Initially though,  I’ll set up a recommended block on the left of each page which will randomly show current shows that we recommend with a link to the video.  We could even have three or four of these being displayed randomly each time the page is loaded.


    Ha Ha! Can’t believe the old gang is getting back together!

    What a sad bunch we are. 

    I was just thinking about the old podcasts and never having anything to say about South African sci-fi, and here we are with the District 9 movie.  

    Drop me a mail if you can, would like to know how you’ve all been.



    Heya Lexx m8!  Nice to dsee you back!

    Update on the site.  

    I’m on a weeks leave!!  Whoohoo.  This week I’m dedicating myself to uploading the main content pages (menu’s for the reviews etc.) and sorting out graphics and other stuff.  I’m really hopeful we will have the old site back soon (or at least most of it).

    LexxR, deffo.  Will email you today! 

    Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to do some more SadCASTs? 


    Glad to see you have recovered enough strength to take another stab at the Drupal monster. I think too much work has been put into this site for it to close. Especially now when everything is going syfy… 🙂

    I’d be happy to help out with reporting bugs/inconsistencies etc on the website if that’s needed. You’re probably aware of it, but there’s old copies of the website on the Wayback Machine:*/

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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