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    For those contemplating the trip, or just curious about the cost of getting to Atlanta for Dragon Con next August, here’s food for thought(keeping in mind it still is 300+ days away,and the prices in the travel industry are notoriously volatile!)
    By Air-Delta airlines is the official carrier for Dragon Con, entitling qualified passengers a slight discount.Here is a sampling of fares from random b.b. member’s places of origin. All fares quoted are round trip, non stop flights, per person, no discount applied.
    from Chicago-$216.50
    from Des Moines-$253.50
    from Halifax-requires a change of planes-$650.36 (CAD)
    London,Gatwick U.K.-#496.40 (GBP)
    N.Y.’s Kennedy-$233.50
    Toronto-$407.80 (CAD)
    Vancouver-$752.OO (CAD) most expensive

    or, plug in your own point of origin at

    or, go by rail- check out schedules/fares athttp://www.atlanta.net/frame_atlanta_home.html

    I’ll plug in bus info when I complete it. No surprise, car-pooling is probably most economical-until you get there and have to pay for parking. Or…you could always walk!

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    Hi Trini_T,
    Flying to Dragon*Con isn’t cheap, but I used my AAA membership & flew on America West; it was cheaper than flying Delta Air, but for those with limited income, it’s cheaper, quieter & gets you there on time or there abouts.
    The web site for AAA is: http://www.aaa.com; & the web site for America West is: http://www.americawest.com. The prices on airlines vary from day to day; I’d suggest to make flight reservations a months before, for cheaper rates.
    Trini_T, take care, have a great Halloween & Fall.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,

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