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    I had this in a dream (yes, I have Dr. Who dreams), so I mucked about with 3D and made this:

    Daleck-cop: perspective close-up
    Dalek-cop: full frontal
    Daleck-cop: side view


    Interesting idea! What program did you use?


    I used Cinema 4D XL 7[/url]. It’s a pretty decent little 3D animation program. It’s great for a 3D newbie like me.


    Great Job!

    But where does the brain go now?

    The flashing red and blue light thingies are where the Dalek’s brain is supposed to be I think.


    And where’s the mechanism to climb stairs?


    Actually I think the brain was deeper down in the body. I seem to remember an episode where they opened one up like a trash can and fished it out…and the Doctor climbed into it…I can’t remember which episode it was.

    What I’m wondering is how does it see? I left its eye off. Maybe this model has sensors in the dome thingies.


    Neat picture.

    There are a bunch of sites with 3-D rendered Daleks (I’ve actually gone out looking for such things). Anyway, if you haven’t already visited it, you’d want to check out the Dalek Extermination Page, a great site with “ray-traced” Daleks of almost every variety seen on the show and movies.

    As fot the issue of Dalek brains, that ties into the common misconception that Daleks are robots or cyborgs. They aren’t (besides Davros and the Mark IV Daleks). The Dalek creature is a small mutant with tentacles and taloned feet, and a sickly green pigmentation. They operate their robotic war machines like vehicles from inside the central segment (the one with the arms). The Doctor Who Technical Manual had the Dalek creatures residing inside the skirt (the section with the balls), but episodes produced after its publication (The Five Doctors and Resurrection of the Daleks) contradicted this by clearly showing the mutants as residing in the midsection, and I consider that a more reliable source.

    In the very first Dalek episode, the Doctor and Ian forced the dome off a disabled Dalek machine and removed the horrifying (yet unseen by the audience) creature that was operating it, so Ian could use the casing as a disguise. That is probably what you’re thinking of, although similar scene took place in Planet of the Daleks.

    At any rate, it’s not unusual to have dreams about Doctor Who.


    “Exterminate!” -Dalek warrior, The Daleks: Episode 4-The Ambush

    “Feel the power of the dark Crystal!” -skekTek the Scientist, The Dark Crystal

    “I will love you forever!” -drone #790, Lexx 1.1: I Worship His Shadow


    My Dr. Who dreams have been going through a gradual decline over the years. The Doctor himself is becoming more and more feeble while his assistant (me…as some strange cross between Sarah Jane Smith, Ace…and for some reason Friday from Heinlein’s novel of the same name) ends up doing more of the actual problem solving. I think the fact that it’s been permanently cancelled is starting to sink into my subconscious. It’s quite sad actually.

    Anyhoo, the url you gave didn’t work but I went out and found it here. I hope that works and it’s not a ubb problem or something. That is a cool site! I’m also amazed it was all done in such an evil program as povray.


    I remember watching Dr Who when I was little and the ONLY thing taht scared me was the theme music! It frightened me so much that I’d hide behind the sofa (while the rest of the family laughed).

    That intro music has haunted me ever since. After that, any dreams of Dr Who were relegated to the adolecent fantasies of the ladies in the show.

    Please excuse me Dalek, bust one such fantasy was realised to the shock of half the Dr Who viewing public!!

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    How would a Dalek…oh my, I’m very disturbed now.

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