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    This is for anyone…In look at the princess, i don’t remember which part, when princess Catralla takes john to a med lab place so they can see a possibility of what their child may look like one of the techs or palace guards said just a few words but i’m almost 100% sure that it was Anthony Simcoe. NOT as Dargo. I’m curious as to how i would find out if this is true or not. I’d just like to satify my curiousity.


    Hi, Jami! You might also try asking at the Farscape board(if you haven’t already). There are lots and lots of Farscape devotees there and I would not be surprised if someone hasn’t already posed the same question(or, answered it!). What is truly sad is I had those eps on tape and only just recently taped over them! I keep forgetting stars like to sneak in these little roles, every now and then.

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    Thanks for reminding me about the BB. Ive been rewatching all my fav eps and I’ve found a couple of good bloopers too!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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