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    This question popped into my mind the other day. I did a Google Search on this topic and found a few other folks asking the same question.

    The knee jerk reaction to a Star Trek Android vs a future earth Terminator was Data would win hands down.

    After thinking about this for a week I have decided to reverse my opinion. The Terminator would surely eliminate Data.


    Data is a very poorly written character. A cheap replacement to another dumb character Spock.

    I’m sorry to say that science fiction fans have to suffer through the whole Star Trek franchise. A TV series based on a very good movie Forbidden Planet.

    I used to think ST Voyager was as horrible it could get.. Nope. Enterprise and the Quantum Leap pussy Scott Bakula makes Rocky Jones Space Ranger look like Kubrick’s 2001.

    Oh and I can wait until Paramount decides to create another dumb return to the tired Roddenberry Universe.


    I see it going something like this… “Hi mr Cyborg, my name is Data what is yours?” Reaching his hand out to shake, the T800 rips Data’s arm out of its socket. Then for the next few minutes Arnold beats Data into bits with his own arm. In real life I can see this happening if Arnold ever got mad at Spiner.

    The T1000 from Terminator 2 movie would slice data into a million little pieces. This is a no contest IMHO. Once again a better written character would distroy the STNG Data.

    Termiator 3 and the Termiatrix is just too stupid to commit on. So I wont.

    Over all I’m sorry to say that since Lexx “Ended” there has been no good Science Fiction on TV.



    What about Terminator vs Lor?

    At least they both have the “killer” instinct….

    Might be a better match?


    What about the latest lame version of Data.. Before? or mistake or??




    hmmm, ok, since we are talking scientific impossibilites anyway…

    terminator vs dracula

    terminators are dumb…wouldn’t know about the whole “stake through the heart” ….


    That really is cool.. A cyborg vampire with a machine inside.

    Once the Terminator learns how to kill the vampire.. Drak would be dead.

    Keep in mind Drak has a soul and the T800 does not.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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