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     (EDIT: weird, the first paragraph got cut off)

    With season 2 coming up in a few weeks as of this writing, I’d like to hear your thoughts about what you guys think of the show.

    I can start off with saying I thought it started off really poorly, but about 4 episodes in it kinda started picking up. It’s still kinda generic though, nothing except the setting – the terraformed Earth – stands out as particularly original – the general premise is pretty much the run of the mill Western story, with hints of the shows Eureka, Babylon 5 and a little Game of Thrones thrown in for good measure, but I still enjoyed watching it after those first few let down episodes.

    The back and forth with the MMO game they played up a lot before the premiere is pretty much non-existent though, they talked it up as if what happened in the MMO would somehow influence the events in the show, which it certainly didn’t, even at the few times there were references between the two they didn’t really line up. In one episode of the show the town is struck with a plague, and they make references to how the same plague affected San Francisco (where the game takes place), and that there was a cure there, but the plague that appeared in the game was not at all similar to the depiction in the show – in the show it was a similar to pandemics in the past, causing fevers and eventually killing the sick – but in the game it caused a zombie outbreak, with no attempt to really explain how that happened or what that had to do with the events in the show.

    There’s also the weird thing about the technology between the two – the tech we see in the game is vastly more powerful than anything we see in the show – in the game alien and futuristic weaponry is easy to come by, and many, even regular human, people seem to have cybernetic implants boosting their ability in combat, as well as Dune-like personal shields – but in the show we only get to see humans use one alien pistol once, with the rest of the show featuring contempory small arms, much of which aren’t even top of the line today. Even the aliens run around with regular shotguns and submachineguns from the 70’s.

    This is of course not a deal breaker, but it’s really weird to promote the game and the show as heavily integrated when the depictions are so vastly different.

    Oh, and there’s apparently also been a series of webisodes/mini-episodes as preparation for the new season, but they aren’t available in my country, so I haven’t been able to see them.

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