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    Ok, I am not really sure how this happened but I think I may have accidentally deleted an entire topic yesterday evening!!! Spooookie started a brilliant thread recently, titled “Top 5 Sci-Fi Characters” and I was in the process of posting a reply when I noticed my message was somehow double-posted. When I went to delete the extra post, I soon noticed the entire thread was gone. I thought WTF happened to it?!? Then realized I must have deleted it somehow. Anyway, my apologies to Spooookie and the other contributors but I had no Idea I could have wiped everything out like that! Is it possible for one of the Admins/ mods to retrieve or restore the thread? Do we have the technology???


    As far as restoring it, I can’t answer that question. But I can tell you that has happened to me before and has been noted by a few others as well. It just seems to be one of the little glitches still hanging around here and there from the last time the site had a major problem.


    IT WAS ME!!!!

    Im the secret thread stealer!




    There are lots of ways that can happen, not just from a moderator stealing a thread 🙂

    The main reason is that the SUBJECT of the thread has changed. When you reply to a thread and enter some text in the subject heading, you’ll find that the thread now has that as the new subject heading and you may think that the old thread has gone. It hasn’t, it’s just that name has changes.

    Another reason is that the thread may have been deleted, I’ve just deleted another one from a french website looking for Andromeda transcripts, it was a duplicate of a previous message and written by someone who never visits the site and just wants us to go to theirs. I get sick of those messages sometimes.

    The only other time that this can happen is if the post has been moved to a new forum on SadBoard. It may have been posted in the LEXX forum and moved to the General forum by a mod because it’s not LEXX.

    Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any cases where a thread dissapears.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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