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    Recommendations Requested

    My Desktop Pc is dying. Slowly, horribly. This is not an unexpected event, it has been gimping along since January.

    Unlike the tragic unexpected loss of my microwave several years ago, the computer is old, tired and ready for it’s eternal rest. It has done it’s duty for many years and now, it is fully backed up and wishes to become a donor computer, so that others might live a bit longer.

    However, it will not rest easy until it knows that it is leaving me in good hands… errrr processors? So the hunt has begun for a worthy successor, so that one last data dump can occur before it moves onto a well earned rest in techno-heaven.

    Bummer is that it has preformed so well, for so long, it has been forever since I went pc hunting.* How long? I was amazed when I checked, I bought it in November of 2002. That is a personal best for me.** Any how, it is a Sony Desktop PCV-RX850. Since I was out of my media frenzy stage when I bought this one, I was able to ignore the copy restrictions that Sony slapped on all of their system. Which was my only real complaint with this comp.

    What am I looking for? A desk top… I have a laptop and a notebook, I want a freaking desk top. My last purchase was the Notebook, an Asus EeePC 1000HD which I really like. I was amazed to find out that my beloved Sony has an Asus Mother board. So I would not be averse to an Asus desktop.

    I want…. a lot of processor capabilities, and memory, lots and lots of memory, something that can copy, process and write dvds with out stroking, freezing or chopping. (Video craze has returned) Lots of dedicated graphic memory would be nice, dual monitor capability would be skippy, (although I fear that would be an add on) a case that components fit into without doing the origami compaction thingy… In case I have to get into it for the afore mentioned video card.

    While I have never, ever, been cheap when it comes to worshiping at the altar of the techno gods…. I don’t want to waste money either. So something solid, but not over the top price wise would work best for me.

    * I don’t count the Compcrap Presario I bought for theSpouse when he killed this ones six months older slightly less powerful brother. My main requirement for theSpouse’s computer was…. is it in stock? Does it run? Does it come with hard/system cd’s so I can easily reload it once or twice a year.

    ** At least for keeping a computer. My personal best for shortest upgrade time is six months. (That was the sacrificial Sony that was placed with theSpouse to keep him off the good computers.)


    I try and get rid of my puter every 2 years. Even that doesn’t seem short enough sometimes. I play games tho, so find that the pc runs out of power every time Intel brings out a new cpu.

    Sounds like you could do with a gamers pc (memory, graphics and speed). The alienware is something that I’ve been drooling over for a while. Del is niiiice 🙂 I’m tempted to get alienware mid range gamer pc and fit it with an SSD (will improve speed by about 100% minimum).

    Personally, the biggest boost I’ve seen for a pc that can be bought relatively cheaply is an SSD (Solid State Drive). It helps to speed up the computer two, three even four times! It’s an awesome investment, but I recommend getting an SSD for your OS and games and storing files like vids and pics and media on another drive as the cost of the bigger SSD’s is prohibitive.

    Nice to hear from you M, Hope yer well and happy 🙂


    Well I did end up with a gamer computer. I got an Asus – Essentio Desktop with Intel i5 Processor, 8gb mem. I hear the video card is crap, but crap is also subjective, this is supposity a gamer comp, not high end mind you, but gamer none the less. And gamers are notorious for wanting vid cards with tons of on board mem and stuff like that. So it might suit me just fine for now. The case is a throw back to the olden days and is monsterous to accomidate the gamer love of upgrading. Much easier to install memory, boards and drives in a large case, as opposed to the new slimmer ones they are using now adays. Seriously large case, you could almost bury bodies in this thing. :p


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