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    Hi all. My name is Bill and I lay claim to the title of biggest Lexx fan in Knoxville, TN. I work for a production company here in and I found out last week that we are going to be shooting at DragonCon. I immediately rushed to the DragonCon site to check for a Lexx presense and found you guys! I’m trying to make sense of the Lexx proceedings at DragonCon and so far all I’ve been able to piece together is that there are three parties and a Lexx fan table. I will be working during the event, but I want to spend as much of my free time as possible meeting people who share my passion for those four misfits from the Light Universe. Are there any things going on at DragonCon beyond the table and the parties? I have been an isolated Lexx fan in search of a community long enough, so I look forward to meeting you all soon!



    Hello and welcome to the Lexx community 😀
    Unfortunately I can’t help you on the dragoncon organisation since it’s a long walk from the UK, but there’s lots of people here who can.


    😀 Hey Bill, welcome!
    Question…did Dragon Con furnish a press pass for you guys?
    And some answers…
    Friday night,9 p.m. Champions Sports Bar&Grill -all the Lexx fans that are in town at that time will probably be here…non-net crawlers that attend the LEXX forum at 4pm that day will also find out about it—there should be around 40 or so people there. It’s a meet and greet, you’re on your own with food and drinks.
    Saturday there’s a 1:00 forum with the LEXX cast answering questions, etc. andSaturday night is the cast/fan party. Right now that is booked to capacity, but if people cancell we will be selling additional tickets at the fan table in the Marriott concourse after 12 noon (Sat.) Stop by the fan table and get your name on the wait list, if you want. Since the cast is attending, filming,pix,and autographs(at least on paper or shirts) is probly restricted and at the complete discretion of the cast.
    Sunday there is another Lexx forum, and Sunday night, the “party” was replaced by the “Brigadoom” forum (at 10 p.m.)
    afterwards we’re hitting the lower Hyatt bar (by the pool) for duct tape watching. Monday is the last Lexx forum, To Kai or Not to Kai, at 4 p.m.–Michael McManus will not be at that forum…it is a discussion on if a season 5 could have worked without the Kai character.
    Hope that helps you plan your week-end! Trini


    Hi, RedMenace,
    I too would like to welcome you to this Lexx Fourm; I hope that Trini_T was able to answer some of your questions for you. I’d also like to know if Dragon*Con hired you or something; that would be cool even if they didn’t.
    There’s all kinds of things going on at the convention; you’ll just have to walk around & check them out; I did last yr & probably will be doing it again some this yr. I hope this helps with your other question.
    I’ll see you Friday.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz 😉

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