Did anyone catch this movie; "Snakes on a Plane"?

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    mandara k

    I don’t know if i should laugh or cry about how it was so bad it was good….

    We had all the elements of the sex/horror genre with Samuel L Jackson… we had some blonde bimbo nipple action,some big bad man snake johnson action (which we never got to see) Hollywood sucks!

    Anywho, the best line was given to them by blogs The Sam line of “I’m tired of this MF snakes on this MF plane. ”

    There should be a Sam L Jackson MF drinking game somewhere.

    It shows the power of blogs on the internet so all of you told by “higher ups” that you have no say…. Yeah you do but you have to be original in order to get hits; like thousands of hits…. not arse kissing hits like the rapper on SOAP got but originality and creativity.

    And this was not high art in any stretch of the imagination, but snakes. and turbulance, and Sam L, he!! yeah….



    Do I smell viral marketing?





    mandara k

    Well, enjoy that turn in that show . “shrugs”

    Nice ending line though, wonder where it came from?

    Ah, a touche’ moment…. what do want me to say?

    “Oh, you got me good…. my posts are sooo like that….

    SO what? You’re not exactly lighting up the switchboards with your responses here so I fill in gaps; don’t like it; don’t read my posts; that’s my policy.

    I’m not going to get into power struggles with your “superior ” abilities; don’t much care.

    I may watch BSG or i may not but the sun will hopefully rise in the morning and set in the evening; my life will go on with or without it.

    It will prosper or fail; it will greenlight or not; it doesn’t affect me.

    So putting this here where it may not be read or appreciated as much is kinda illogical. Wouldn’t it best serve your purposes in the BSG portion where it would be read and commented on? One of the great draws for BSG fans is the transcripts of prior shows…. this would be better there i guarantee that; not in this MF thread!


    mandara k

    i guess this should be a general movie thread; I watched The Illusionist oh last Thursaday; a nice little love story with a twist. I’m not a huge fan of Ed Norton; but he was tolerable as Eisenstein; the conjuror.

    I was entertained though, surprisingly by The Dresden Files; may be because it is very new; may I’ll get BSG multi-season syndrome

    BSGMSS for any show.

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