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    mandara k


    I don’t like “bleepity, bleep bleep, bleep’ and the constant whacking. I tried a few eps and jettisoned the whole feckin’ thing

    Because I don’t bend over for popular culture.


    Going on with lives and non- pay-offs are shocking? It’s natural….. I try resolutions because …well ….then we have point to go back to; the before and after; then no-one can blame me if lives turn to shit. I can take it back to “on this day this is your desire to end an association.. so shut the hell up and take it like an honorable.”

    Dowl should look me up in 5 years when he’s prowling .And ready to be serious about sci-fi again and not trying to be a cultural MR. Right Now”. Stop whoring; and think beyond your satisfaction.

    You either do short orbits in life and popularity or long-lasting.

    You will never land anything but a short gig with this short-sighted, immediate gratification of my ego story-telling.

    You are time-sensitive material man; dead after 5 yrs; sand after 7 yrs.

    mandara k

    Actually, I preferred Pan’s Labyrinth to that serialized crap.

    I think they should bulldoze Hollywood and their greed factor and start again.

    Guess what all we are going to get; is re-hashing, I mean re-imagining story lines that made money before.

    No new stuff (unless it makes money out of the gate) or uses the humanistic hook.

    To be honest, general well-wishing for the well-being of all humanity now has a market-value? You people disgust me. Or which is more disgusting, a world that has to be shown how to act with kindness and respect for ALL people.


    i didn’t think the last season was all that great personally…i mean it was still the sopranos so it was much better than most of the crap on tv but i feel like it just went downhill from the 3rd season onwards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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