Does anyone know what show this was?

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    I recieved this today. I’m sure it’s happened to us all (I know it has me). DOes anyone remember the show?


    from G. Alexander
    I can’t remember the name of a cancelled show that I think was on NBC within the last 5 years. It was about a professor/scientist that brought together a group of psychics to prove their abilities. There was a black man who was the spiritual guru, a blind man who could see the future, a young girl with kinetic abilities, a young guy and their recent recruit was a freshman girl. They all lived in an old house near a college.

    Does this sound familiar at all? It’s driving me insane. It had that dark feel like Millineum and some of the weird special effects like Freaky Links. It started and ended in one season. It was just over and I have never seen or heard about it since.

    Thanks for the help.


    OK, this bugged me all day, because I remember watching this show as well. I fished around a bit and came up with “The Others” Here is the IMDB entry for it:

    I think this is the show being described, but I’ll let you know if any other light bulbs go on.



    I’m pretty sure that’s correct.


    Yep, it was called “The Others”. Not my usual kind of show, but I’ll watch anything produced by Glen Morgan and James Wong. Especially if it has James Morrison in it at least once.

    It may have had a Millenium feel because they wrote several episodes of Millenium, as well as some of the X-files episodes and… *whispers* 21 Jump Street.

    It was in a bad time slot. Everything on Saturday night gets killed pretty quickly in the USA.


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    Thanks so much – it was driving me crazy and
    even though that doesn’t take much, I was making my husband crazy!
    Did any of y’all see the last episode? Were they all killed? Do you guess the writers knew it was the last episode? Would love to hear what y’all’s thoughts were.
    Here on the Gulf coast watching the hurricane approach and hoping we won’t get caught too bad.


    I wish I could tell you what happened, but as far as I remember, one day it just wasn’t on anymore. I thought I missed the last one, but perhaps I didn’t. Since it was cancelled in the first season, it’s unlikely it was wrapped up neatly.

    Hopefully the Morgan/Wong team retained the right to redistribution. They didn’t with Space: Above and Beyond, which is keeping them from releasing that series (my second favorite show of all time) on VHS and DVD. ARGH!


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