Does the Uncon take place every year?

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    I really would love to go to the convention this year, but I’m building a house and until I close in September, both money and time are going to be really tight. Then I find out about this convention and I’m more than just a little jealous that I can’t go. Is this something that takes place every year? My husband and I came to an agreement, next year I can go to the convention if he can go to Ontario for a week and fish. Sounds good to me. So, do you think they’ll have one next year too? Hope so.



    It’s a shame you can’t make it, but yes, the Unconvention happens once a year. It’s normally a fan organised event and Salter Street provide some support. It seems that they are taking more of a role in organising the event this year though, so I’m hoping it’ll be a lot of fun.

    I went to the first one in 1999 and had a real blast! People told me that last years was wonderfull too (I missed it because of visa probs and got stuck in New York – which was ok I guess ) But this year me and Newkate hope to get there with a couple of other lexxians….

    Can’t wait!


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