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    Hello there all you wonderfull bits…

    I’ve got something I would like to share or trade (If you’ve got something I would like). Well, I’ve got:
    The Hitchhikers Guide TTG (Orig. BBC MP3s)
    The Hitchhikers Guide TTG (Read By DA MP3s)
    Mostly Harmless… (Read By DA MP3s)
    So Long and Thanks FATF (Read By DA MP3s)
    The Long Dark Tea Time OTS (Read By DA MP3s)
    The Restaurant At The EOTU (Read By DA MP3s)
    Dirk Gently… (Read By DA)
    Last Chance To See (Read By DA)
    Life, The Universe… (Read by DA)
    Starship Titanic (Read by DA)
    First 2 Episodes of the BBC TV Show HHGTTG in .asf format.

    You can have all of this if you like…but I’m looking for more of the television episodes…ANy info would be great…thanks

    Email me if you want any of this.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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