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    Every show, film etc. can be seen from an ideological perspective.
    How would you define the Doctor in terms of ideology and philosophy?

    Certainly, despite his entertaining eccentricities, he is a rationalist. And, sorry to use somewhat inappropriate ethnocentric terminology, but he is some Time Lordian (universal) version of a humanist. Anyway, as is rumoured at least, the show was made for and by humans, one can expect some anthropocentricism (“homocentricism”) to be found in Doctor Who.

    But, I also see a Buddhist bent to the character (and a holistic inclination).

    For those Whovians more knowledgeable than me…

    What are some of the religious references in Dr. Who, and what importance do they have to the character of the Doctor himself? Does the Doctor believe in God, does he eschew the supernatural, or does he keep an open-mind?

    of course there’s a lot of far-out mysticism in Dr. Who, really dug the om-ing in Planet of the Spiders.


    Doctor who? 😕


    Doctor WHo embodies all that is immature. He travels the universe instead of staying put and creating. He has what amounts to almost eternal life and thus does not have the finite of existence to govern what his existence should define. His escapades are superficially exciting yet never amount to much and are repeated over again. His “companions” by contrast, seem to grow up and leave the immature Doctor Who…..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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