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    According to SciFi storm, the second season of the new Dr Who series will be airing on the beeb as from March 17th.

    Can anyone confirm this?



    I’ve just had look on the BBC Dr Who site, but there’s nothing on there. I’d have thought if they were airing it as soon as March 17th there would be a mention of it by now.



    This is the only news I could find:

    [quote]Season 2 (or Season 28…) will start in early 2006. A second Christmas special (December 2006) and third season for early 2007 have also been commissioned.[/quote]

    Interestingly, it seems that there is a spinoff series with Captain Jack:

    [quote]Torchwood, a 13-part ‘spin-off’ adult drama series aimed at a post-watershed audience is to air on BBC THREE in Summer 2006. It stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack from Doctor Who and will be written by Doctor Who Executive Producer and writer Russell T Davies. Davies describes the series as “a British sci-fi paranoid thriller”; the Doctor Who Christmas special and second series will introduce the concept of Torchwood to audiences prior to it’s debut later in the year.[/quote]

    Details of the new episodes can be found on the Gallifrey One website at:

    A report from there mentions that The Dr Who magazine thinks:

    [quote]The new [magazine] issue suggests that April is the most likely start date for Series 2 and, although the magazine has no news yet of a more definite date, its next issue (368) will carry previews of the first two episodes and is published on 30 March.[/quote]

    That’s all I could find



    Thanks for the update ๐Ÿ™‚



    I still can’t find a date for season 2 on the official BBC who site, but Outpost Gallifrey has the “official” date of Sat April 15th.

    Theres also talk of another spin off featuring K9 and Sarah Jane Smith, but I hope that’s just a lie.



    [color=red][size=24]I think they are big fat stupid loser liars![/size][/color]
    They say it’ll be on at 8:30 on tues (CBC)…but nope nope nope ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    the jerks are prob making us all wait forever like those d@mn BSG losers did!

    (I think I need more coffee, what do you think?)



    Welp! It’s April now and still no news!!!



    According to [url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcone/listings/index.shtml?service_id=4223&day=saturday]BBC 1[/url] it starts tomorrow after 7:00 pm.

    As for the CBC, no announced date as yet, but we may have to wait until Fall.



    Well spotted dude!

    I’ll put up a news item to make sure trhe rest of the community know about it. Thanks for the heads up – I completely missed it!

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