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    Today! This minute! Oh wait, come back!…. You can finish reading the post first! But it does need to be sent! They will vote in the next week or two!

    Anyhow as our own Trini_T posted it all comes down to how badly do you want them.

    Yes Ellen, Xenia are even Lex G and Patricia Zentilli are very interested in Dragon Con… but since there are also a zillion other actors and actresses, who want to be invited. Only the ones pushed by the fans get invited.

    So if you even think there is the remotest chance that you will be in the Atlanta area over the last weekend August/September 1st ie LABOR DAY (not as previously stated by someone who is loosing their mind Memorial Day,) or you just want to help promote Lexx, you need to contact the Dragon con organizer’s NOW and let them know you want Lexx guests and Lexx programing.

    Remember, be nice… Don’t fuss that they have Farscape fanfest programming… Just encourage them to include Lexx. After all we are all nice Lexxians who will be a joyful addition to their potential attendance base… (Isn’t it marvelous that I can type that with a straight face, having meet some of you in person? )

    Want to know what the heck is Dragon Con? http://www.thefrey.com/UsCon.htm

    Need help getting started on a letter? Examples are here http://www.thefrey.com/UsConSampleLetters.htm

    Just want to fire off a letter, email or phone call before the invitation committe meets? (Which is either this weekend or next)

    Dragon Con Contact Info

    email the director of guest services John Tackett – [email protected]

    email them in their general box [email protected]

    Fan Track Coordinator – Cat Mitchel [email protected]

    Or send a letter to [email protected] subject: 2002 Comment File saying how disappointed you were that Lexx was not officially represented in 2002 (doesn’t matter if you were actually there or not) and how you hope things will be better this year.

    Dragon Con is Dragon*Con
    PO Box 16459
    Atlanta, GA 30321

    CALL THEM. 770-909-O115 m-f 9am-5pm est.

    One other area you may want to try is a LETTER. They seem to count for more than emails, they show you are really serious. Of course I always send a email and a letter, I edit my email a bit and then snail mail it. By the time it gets there, your original email will have been counted and processed, so it may let them know you are really, really serious. And sometimes they are handled by different people, so that works too. Be brief, be nice and make sure they know how much you are looking forward to attending. If you have already booked your room or made plane reservations let them know that too!

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    Pleee-aaase (major whining alert) help frey!
    Timing is everything!!!
    Lexx is over, but Dragon Con presents an unbelievable opportunity to celebrate and promote our beloved show – a chance to show our appreciation and give something back to those who made it happen(and have a helluva time doing it, to boot!)
    Getting invited to Dragon Con is a big deal…it is not corporate sponsored, it is and always has been a fan-driven event; a fact the organizers have always been sensitive and responsive to!
    If our approach to them regarding Lexx guests and programming is lukewarm, we don’t stand a chance! C’mon , support Lexx! Do what the show has always done- beat impossible odds! Get Lexx official status at D.C.03 !!!!


    Originally posted by thefrey:

    “So if you even think there is the remotest chance that you will be in the Atlanta area over Memorial Day,”

    Or even over Labor Day!

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    Eeeep!!! God am I holiday impaired or what?

    Yes it is Labor Day. Labor Day. Labor Day.

    Thanks Trini.


    I e-mailed the DC ’03 folks! Here’s hoping they listen to Lexxians!



    Originally posted by jkd112:
    I e-mailed the DC ’03 folks! Here’s hoping they listen to Lexxians!

    (takes a break from the voice-distorter she has been using to call the Dragon Con people with)
    GREAT! Are you planning on going?


    I have a friend who lives about 30 miles outside of Atlanta. He goes to DragonCon every year. If Ellen Dubin, Brian Downey and others show up I will be there!

    mandara k

    Well, I don’t know; I might be persuaded to whip off a couple of letters (whip it, whip it good) but I’m not sure; and I can write some pretty kicking letters when I set my mind to it. Can we convince the G-man to wear an Atlanta Braves hat? Are we hitting all the seamy and steamy haunts of Atlanta or is it The Wonderful World of Goth; where Japanese film makers pimp their really bad slasher movies that played over and over and over again. “HELP” (Japanese subtitles).

    I wish I could remenber the name of the only Japanese slasher movie I liked. It was about this chick dating and older man and she seemed so perfect to start a relationship with until she turned out to be a blood-thirsty freak and started chopping him into little pieces with piano wire. ” she’s a super freak, super freak, super freaky, yeah)

    Gosh, IFC is a good thing once in a while; but little girls don’t try this at home.


    Yes, yes, Mandara! Write a letter to get Mr. G there!!! If he already has a hat he has to go! It’s a rule!

    Personally, I’m not planning on leaving the confines of those two hotels…I see no need to (unless it’s out to eat at Mumbo Jumbo!)
    Or, if frey says we have to. (I won’t be the spoil-sport!)

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