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    I will be there thursday nite through sunday nite, leaving monday, staying at the downtown Holiday Inn. I would be willing to share a room with someone. Your share per night would be $45~$50.

    I am a Male, non-kiddo. Smoking and most other bad habits ok. I sometimes take long baths, tying up the bathroom, and I prefer to sleep with a tv on.

    Email Frey and she will get us together


    Mandara K – Looking for a very cheap place to stay for DC otherwise it’s a sleeping bag in the park with the whinos. Well, it’s not so bad, they usually share their bottles but I don’t want to lose my shoes :0. I’m usually a good roommate (if I get my way :)) as long as I don’t get a live porn show and you let me sleep when i need to! I smoke but I can go outside; and I drink but I can control myself (and if I drink too much I will kneel and worship his Divine Porcelain Bowl) Cheap place to lay my head and a shower once in a while is all I desire. Thank you for your attention Contact me via my e-mail @ [email protected]

    mandara k

    Yerp, that’s me….. 😛


    ok Mandara K,
    Please let me know either through private post or e-mail if you’re still interested in rooming with me; out of the 3 Hotels I e-mailed you, I’ll either pick the 1 I stayed at last yr or Marriott Fairfield Inn.
    According to a couple of people, I talk in my sleep. I don’t smoke, but occasionally talk to myself whenever I’m alone, put nail polish on the night before the con, put out my clothes for the next day, may need help getting in & out of the bath tub & tidy up before I leave the room. Warning: I look like Kai when I 1st wake up in the morning; & definitely need a cup of coffee.
    Hope to see you at Dragon*Con & take care.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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