DragonCon 2004 – Rules, Regs and other annoyances.

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    Bad news, since we were all at our own party last year. We apparently missed the fun over at the Hyatt. Again this year, as last down on the Centennial/Regency Ballroom (where the bar is by the pool doors) photography is being banned from 8 to midnight. Bleh!!!! Apparently the Dawn contest creates too much traffic and the fire marshals don’t like the congestion this causes….

    Me? I say move the Dawn contest. Hey, this is prime costume strutting time and the prime location for it. Why ruin it for all of us.

    Also, as a few found out last year…. do not forget your convention badge ever… you may not be able to get into the main hotels after certain hours without it. This is being done to cut down on party crashers and street people apparently.

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