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    I was going to ask if any of you lot had been to Dragoncon and what was it like. While I was waiting for this screen to update (ah the woe’s of a 56k modem owner) I had a swift tip-toe through the rather disappointing Dragoncon site, and stumbled over a bunch of pics by theFrey. So I’m guessing the answer would be ‘Yes’.

    A couple of friends went last year, and I have been told that I am going this year, on pain of death. So I was just wondering wassit like then?

    Worth me draggin my sorry ass across the pond? (What can I say, my donkey doesn’t like to travel)


    I’ve been to it & it’s a whole lot of fun; many exciting panels, musical groups, big Dealers’ Room & a great con to go to; I would highly recommend Dragon*Con for anyone who wants to go. You’ll have a great time & be taking lots of pictures; you may even want to sign up to TheFrey’s UsCon Yahoo group & join us for some royal good time. & also, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people; this yr, I’ll be dressing as Keyeo (Kai’s little sister) for both Saturday, 9/4 & Sunday, 9/5 at this yr’s Dragon*Con. & believe you me, it’s worth travelling across the ocean to go to & have fun. 🙂
    If you’d like more info, you can go to either theFrey’s site (http://www.thefrey.com, then click on Dragon*Con 2004) or Dragon*Con’s site; there’s also plenty to pictures to look at & explore on both sites.
    I hope this helps you some & hope to see you there. 🙂

    Conventioneers Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    Dragon Con 2004? What can I say, miss it at your peril. The thing is huge, it is so hotel California you can’t believe it. You get there and you can’t leave. There is literally something going on every minute that you will want to see. Heck the people watching alone is worth the price of admission. The exhibition hall is huge, the art gallery is great and will have lots of people you know there as well as some very talented up and comers, and the dealers room has just about everything a fan could want.

    Is it worth a trans-Atlantic trip? You betcha, especially if you have a group of friends to enjoy it with. 😀 Me, already got the hotel ressies and plane tickets. In fact, with the date being September 3 thru 6th this year, I think I will celebrate my birthday a few days early this year at DC! ;D

    You may want to tip toe though the Lexx Convention forum for some back groud information on the con.


    An emphatic “YES” on the visit. I went last year for the first time and had a GREAT time. Best of all was wandering around the Marriott and the Hyatt late in the evening with a beer in one hand and a camera in the other. Be prepared for sensory overload!

    Staying at The Hyatt or the Marriott isn’t cheap, but I didn’t want to have to walk around downtown Atlanta late at night in a drunken stupor to try to find my hotel (My sense of direction gets seriously compomised with alcohol!).

    There is a mall next to the hotels with a lot of relatively inexpensive places to eat. The hotels tend to charge a lot of money for food. Dang them!

    In sum: COME TO DC*04! 😀


    Haven’t been to Dragon*Con, really wanted to go, sounds amazing. Another event I’d like to go to, if I could could find the time, is Sci-Fi-London3, which’ll be in February.
    And welcome back, Rag. 🙂


    It was full of great activities. For instance, on the first day, I wound up in the Organleggers Poker room, and now my body has three kidneys and two adrenal glands… none of which were mine originally, but they all seem to work fine.

    Then we dropped by the Gray Alien hospitality suites where we were given rides in flying saucers over the Eastern Seaboard. The view was great, and the only downside was the constant anal probing. I think that they might have implanted some sort of tracking signal device, because now I’ve found I can change TV channels by clicking my teeth together.

    The costume contest turned out to be entirely devoted to breast implants, and participants were judged on texture.

    It was really big, the interior of the hotel was so huge that we were launched to our rooms on miniature rockets and could only leave with the aid of parachutes, constantly repacked by a squad of ever ready elves. The arduous task of cleaning the rooms was done by giant man eating spiders, which gave ‘check out’ time a special emphasis.

    As it turns out, the convention only lasted half an hour in strict calendar time, but through the use of judicious time machine technology, which was everywhere at the convention, a person could spend years there. Sometimes this complicated things, you would turn around and discover that the person you had wild passionate sex with five minutes ago was now five years old, and then twenty minutes into the future you’d be introduced to your son by that person, who would have turned out to be your grandfather. They gave us all little booklets to keep track of the paradoxes, but it all got terribly confusing.

    Meanwhile, catering was supplied by Orcs, who were experimenting with a delicious cuisine, which they called “Baby, the other white meat.” But I never got a handle on baby whats? Still, I have some lovely recipes.

    Atlanta turned out to be a very quiet city by American terms, while I was there only four airliners crashed into buildings, a threatened nuclear bomb turned out to be an escaped breast implant, and people were so laid back you could walk completely through a crack house gang war without being hit.

    I met many fine people there, including Saddam Hussein. We shared a ride on a Gray ship together, and later I helped judge his breast implants. Space Ghost was there, as was Hawkman and a Predator, Captain Jack in various incarnations visited. Captain Hook arrived, but by unlucky coincidence, the alligator was seated next to him at the banquet… major social faux pas. Bill Bennet was present with a Los Vegas Bodybuilder dominatrix, while Newt Gingrich showed up with his new love, Boy George. James Marsters and *both* his nipples showed up, that was a close one because in the heat of negotiations, one of the nipples was threatening to pull out.

    There were many wonderful tracks of programming. I missed most of it, but I did manage to attend at the Open Heart Surgery program and we all had a good laugh poking the open chest cavity. The eraserhead seminar turned out to be a little too literal. And several people were permanently lost when the stargate panel erected a working replica.

    The art show was also impressive, especially the various paintings and drawings which turned out to be portals to alternate realities. People were constantly being sucked into and spit out of various hell dimensions, so much so that the convention provided free towels and Q-tips to get the slime out of our ears.

    Overall, I would definitely go again.


    Never been, since I always miss the boat. Keep PLANNING on going, but like all cons (with the exception of the Indie Comics Expo, which I HAVE to go to each year) I never actually make it.

    mandara k

    😆 Valdron; I don’t know what you were smokin’ but bring some to share with the whole class, hmm?

    I this year might head North in October as opposed to South in September….. though if Frey does a birthday thing and I like Frey because she’s been mostly supportive of me and a lot of interests I HAD…. ergo i should help her celebrate hmmm… Nope…. too early to tell.

    Not that i will be greatly missed ….with all the flak and passing over I got in the past; well I got passed over then; they will be passed over now just to get a taste for how it feels. What do they say? By turning against the those that uphold the Law it is like turning against the Buddha himself just as showing disdain for the son is like showing disdain for the parents who bore him.
    Eh! You done been warned again and again. I’m tired of it; let what will happen….. happen.

    Live with it; stop whining; I had to live with my mistakes and pain so shall you.

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