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    One of my other DC forums has posted their track list for this year. This is the group that usually runs Lexx. Sadly no Lexx this year, but several other shows we ‘geezers follow will be featured. Please keep in mind, this is subject to change and…. the finial layout is still in flux as far as day, time, location.


    American SF Media Schedule Outline 2005

    AMTV01;You can call him Al; An hour with Dean Stockwell;Dean Stockwell
    AMTV02;Quantum Leap – A retrospective; A look back at this unique time travel saga;
    AMTV03;An Hour with Eric Etebari; Eric Etebari discusses his experiences as Witchblade’s Ian Nottingham; Eric Etebari
    AMTV04;Stargate SG-1 The Saga Continues; Its all change at Stargate command with new team members and new enemies, but does the show retain its old magic?
    AMTV05; Stargate Atlantis Dispatches from the Pegasus Galaxy; A review of Atlantis’ Sophomore season.
    AMTV06; Farscape: All quiet in the Uncharted Territories?; A discussion on the events of the Peace Keeper wars and what it bodes for the future of the Crighton family.
    AMTV07; From Firefly to Serenity: Bridging the Gap; A discussion on the events leading up to Serenity; Keith R. DeCandido.
    AMTV08; Andromeda: The final verdict?; A discussion of Andromeda’s controversial five year voyage. Was it a brave new vision or a botched opportunity? You decide…; Keith R. DeCandido.
    AMTV09; An adversarial position; A hero is only as good as his opposition, meet some of the people that make SG-1 look good; Douglas Arthurs, Steve Bacic, Sam Jones;
    AMTV10; They Also serve; While SG-1 is out there in the thick of it they couldn’t get the job done without the help of those working back home or in the shadows off world. Here’s your chance to meet some of Stargate’s “lesser sung” heroes; Carmen Argenziano, Alexis Cruiz, Garry Jones.
    AMTV11; Mindwalkers; A discussion of the role of telepaths in B5;
    AMTV12; Age Appropriate SF?; Increasingly disenchanted with Genre TV? Do you yearn for the “real” SF of the good old days? Is this just human nature or are todays shows aimed primarily at a 20 something audience?
    AMTV13; He looks like a Greek god..; An hour with Kevin Sorbo; Kevin Sorbo
    AMTV14; The Doctor will see you now..; SG Atlantis’ own Dr. Carson Beckett makes a house call; Paul McGillion
    AMTV15; Serenity: Into The Black; Captain Mal Reynolds and his crew welcome you aboard the Serenity where there’s no cruise director and no one sets on Stun.; Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, Ron Glass, Jewel Staite
    AMTV16; On The Eighth Day Came The Rewrite; Joss Whedon discusses creating a universe and the art of torturing characters..; Joss Whedon.
    AMTV17; Princes, Prophets & Whores: The Mythology of Carnivale; A discussion of the titanic struggle between light and darkness in the last age of magic.
    AMTV18; An hour with Joss Whedon; If we have to explain this, you’re in the wrong hotel…;Joss Whedon
    AMTV19; No More Do Overs; Join us as we mourn the passing of Tru Calling;
    AMTV20; Charmed Season Review; Our Annual overview of the charmed ones most recent trials and tribulations.
    AMTV21; Smallville Season Review; More going’s on with Kryptons favorite son.
    AMTV22; Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; A retrospective on the show.
    AMTV23; Shindig!; Hop Sing’s, the hottest club this side of Persphone, throws its doors open to all Brown Coats, Purple Bellys and those who work in the shadows between ’em;
    AMTV24; An Hour with Raelee Hill; Raelee Hill discusses her adventures as part of the crew of Moya; Raelee Hill
    AMTV25; Deadlier of the Species; Another chance to meet Farscape’s Raelee Hill; Raelee Hill
    AMTV26; An Hour with Paul McGillion; A second chance to meet SG Atlantis’ star Paul McGillion; Paul McGillion
    AMTV27; Serenity Cast Reunion; Another chance to meet the cast of this season’s most anticipated movie; Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, Ron Glass, Jewel Staite
    AMTV28; SG-1 Live Roleplaying; A track tradition, your chance to see how you’d acquit yourself as a member of Star Gate Command;
    AMTV29; Not all genocides are created equal; Genocide is all too common in the B5 universe, how might there differing presentations influenced how we feel about them?
    AMTV30; Firefly:Still Waters run deep; A discussion on the different motivations driving the passengers and crew of the Serenity.



    Dragon*Con here I come! Thanks for that little taste o’ sumthing sumthing , thefrey!!!!

    First i heard Steve Bacic was to be there!!!!


    Thanks Frey,
    I’ll have to take a better look at the schedule on the Dragon*Con site; wow, I’m definitely gonna be there & those panles sound exciting. Thanks for the info, Frey & I’ll even check when my 3 music groups are gonna perform.

    Your Friend,
    Jhevz 😉

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