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    mandara k

    I had to tell you this kind of strange dream I had 2 niights ago, I was and now that truly is WAS watching BSG as a show but now after current events and this dream that will definitely change.

    I was with friends and family, and we were in this town for a celebration. All of a sudden it became like a bad zombie movie but the residents were not zombies, they just hated us. So, we know they were going to try to kill us, but they were trying to be subtle about it, you know a show of friendliness but really they wanted us dead.

    it was night, we hunkered down in a house, in the basement, we knew they wouldn’t enter without being invited but they would die, we would not kill them but they just would die. We had no weapons and little food. They kept calling us to come out, and we wanted to believe them because we had been in the community for a long time so we knew them and they knew us. We did not listen.

    They gave us food, like pasta dish I think, and we were thinking of coming out or at least eating but then i noticed something wrong with all the food they sent, it was poisoned. So we gathered what we could and snuck up to the kitchen of the house to gather water and prepared to wait it out or die trying.

    They then sent in an authority figure ( a local sheriff )to try to entice us out but really he was there to gain access and kill us. We overpowered him, and he died because he entered with bad intentions. We then began to sneak ourselves out in his patrol car with someone dressed in his clothes and placing ourselves on the floor of the back seat and trunk and I think it was my brother, would drive us out of this “village’s” city limits to safety.

    I woke up as it was my time to leave.

    Now instead of thinking this a re-enactment of a Waco etc… think of it as dynamics between those like us (microcosm) to those in our “village”( macrocosm) and how that imprisons the heart and soul and forces us to go along with a “society”, even though that “society” or group is flawed.

    I’d rather escape then to uphold those principles that i can’t live with. Favoritism, money controls mind, a blind dictatorship that does not allow for at least the expression of ideas, if not their implementation, exploitation. No, you can have all of that.

    I’ll get out, I’ll get free, and I’ll find a better place to hang my hat.

    All sci-fi is vast and not limited to one show, one BB, or one network. The universe is constantly expanding and shrinking, I’ll will move away from the shrinking and move toward the expansion.

    I am truly free now.

    mandara k

    I had a dream recently. I was a chef at a posh 5 star hotel where the “stars’ hang out and i made a buffet of food (which were really ideas) and well all types of industry types were there and, like at a buffet some picked and chose tidbits, some gorged themselves.

    The comment was, “everything is so delicious.”

    I saw members of BSG as i ducked in and out filling tables but they only got glances as I sped off to the kitchen.

    Some demanded to see the chef or to know what was in dishes.

    I refused.

    While filling a dish, i was spotted, they gave chase but i ran through a fire exit to the courtyard below and lost them.

    mandara k

    I had a disturbing dream earlier this week that i can’t get out of my head which explains my absence and my lack of enthusiam for posting and really even watching BSG this week. And there of course is THE JOB.

    I was helping in some sort of program for teenagers but they were not “human”. Their whole species was rounded up and sold to humans as whatever, slaves remniscent of the auction block; I was working with a young group of them that tried to hide their “differentness”; one particular girl I had almost gotten free like Harriet Tubman I guess; trying to get her to harness her abilities of psychic reader.

    She got caught by the suits who put her up for sale like others.

    The sale was like this, like a museum case, wooden casements around large windows where this group, when caught, were displayed, with no furniture just a bare beige carpet. Those caught, had to be placed in the “viewing room” naked. Especially rebellious ones were chained to a pole in the floor lying on their stomachs.

    The “suits” would come in, chosse their slave and purchase them from a machine on the side where they ran a card.

    This teenage girl was clearly beatened and drugged, she turned her head towards the two way mirror. I so remember her eyes.I had slipped in unnoticed but she knew i was there; I tried to pay to get her out but I was in a bidding war.

    Her face then turned to the Columbia logo girl, you know the chick, red hair in white, carrying a torch.

    Just as i was going to spring her, i woke up.

    It has stayed with me all week long. 😯 ❓

    mandara k

    I actually have strep throat after weeks of fighting bronchitis because i won’t slow down and rest. Too much is going on locally and in other “realms” 😛 . The usual waking states are miserable but the DREAMS are incredible! And of course i must sleep more (my honey of a hot Dr tells me I have to do this)

    Last night I dream of BSG. Everyone from the show was wandering through my childhood home like gray ghosts, doing their part, (like on the set?) but nothing significant. I was sitting on my porch with some lemonade (it must have been summer because it was warm) when Bamber emerged from greyness to sit on a chair beside me. I got up to leave. He asked me to stay and talk to him.

    I nodded and said nothing.

    He spoke of wanting to leave and to try the world outside the realm. i smiled and nodded in encouragement but said nothing.

    He wanted a connection and he asked me to help him. I shook my head and then spoke.

    “I’m not your connection,” I said.

    He seemed okay with that but confused and slightly sad.

    I apologized but told him the connection i had with this was fast becoming a shadow and that he and others should look for a new link to help them through, but i also told him he has some “seeds” of thinking that he must allow to germinate and then the steps to further insight will come; and to relax because for some it takes years and lifetimes for understanding, but he was on his way.

    I also told him to look to whom he places trust in for those you trust without knowing their real capabilites will lead him down wrong paths. You know the warning of false prophecy and following blindly someone who uses others for personal gain are not true leaders, etc…etc… etc…

    I told him to tell his leader that i will never bow to his queen (she is like Morgan of Arthurian times and thus not a true seer)and that time will reveal how well he used an opportunity given to him. Yes, leaders have accumulated the good fortune to be leaders in their realms but it is castle bulit on shifting sands: the wind of change is blowing his sand away. I reassured him I still cared but i could not become involved in any further ventures with these people; and i must remain neutral as much as it may hurt me to do so. i mean. who wants to see something falter, the destructive part of life, but you know it MUST be.

    With that he got annoyed and then he just flew away…

    and I finshed my lemonade and flew away in another direction leaving the rest as shadows.

    Illness is a part of life, just as death is so i just will work this out of my system just like the bronchitis, and well I’ll try to slow down; the operate word is TRY.

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