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    Ok..I havent really followed Andromeda since the mid of season 2..the shows just got worse..and season 3 been a nightmare..so I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions for me…1)Did Keith Hamilton Cobb really quit?..2)Since season 1..the writers tried to do an angle with Dylan and Rommie…(she secretly had a crush on her captain and so forth)But after season 1..they just dropped it and never finished addressing it..(I thought that it would be a good story angle for the show..lets face it..it couldnt make it worse)..is that angle over..or are they going to pick it up again?…..any answers or comments are greatly appreciated.


    Yep Cob is definately quitting

    See the news item posted by LexxLurker:
    No more Tyr’s

    The infatuation by Rommie for Dylan was a great idea, but after her eqally zealous infatuation with another ships computer, she seemed to give up. Shame really, it’s not been done very well in tv sci fi before (computer falling in love with her captain) and they could have had a lot of fun with it! It was possibly dropped after Sorbo complained (not the sort of thing a red blooded hero-dickhead would be into). I’m not a big fan of Kevin Sorbo, I think he has ruined the show.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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