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    A poster in #lexx on fefnet pointed this Electronic Frontier Foundation breif out to us this morning.

    I wondered what the freak was going over Christmas. I had a bunch of DVD’s to watch and SOME would not let me get the movie started. Talk about aggervated. I was ready to return my new TV/DVD combo player. 😡

    What freaking jerks, I bought a movie, I paid for it, why should I have to watch commericals just to see the movie.

    V. Proposed Class #3: Unskippable DVD Advertising
    A. Class of Works for Which Exemption is Sought Audiovisual works released on DVD that contain access control measures that interfere with the ability to control private performance, including the ability to skip promotional materials.

    B. Summary Movie studios are able to make certain DVD content “unskippable” during playback. Some studios have abused this feature by preventing the skipping of advertising shown prior to the start of the feature presentation. DVD owners should be entitled to eliminate these mandatory ads, or, in the alternative, defeat the “UOP blocking” feature, and should enjoy an exemption
    from DMCA liability when they do so. Page 25 http://eff.org/IP/DMCA/20021218_EFFPKcomments.pdf

    For some reason Parents objected to the required four minutes of Disney commericals EVERY time their kids played the movie. Go figure. 😀


    I oppose commericals on DVDs altogether, part of what we should be paying for is the freedom to watch a movie without commercials….sadly that used to be the case in movie theaters…

    At least in the Dir.’s Cut of Riddick last night, I could skip past the commericals and previews.


    Well I know I complained about it last time I went to the movies. What crap, 15 minutes of commericals while we wait for the movie to start. the b*tch being, the commericals are not running *before* the posted movie start time, but after!


    I went to a movie theatre in rural Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. Imagine my surprise was it not only half the price as in the Philly area, but they started the movie at the exact time it was supposed to start! The previews came before that time. I hadn’t experienced that in years!

    Unskippable previews on DVD’s annoy me to no end. I will not only not buy the DVD, but I’ll make sure not to by anything from the DVD producer or Production Studio for at least a year. Luckily the brother works at Blockbuster, so I know a few days before the DVD hits shelves if it’s: a) has skippable previews and b) worth it overall.


    As father to a toddler that watches 30 minutes of Disney DVD every night before bed as part of his routine, I find that you can usually press chapter FF many times in a row and get through the ads in about 10 seconds, but I agree the ads are a rotten deal for us viewers . Its even worse that many of the ads are for dvd’s that are no longer available! Try explaining that to a young child… -Karelii


    Oh No! 😯 Nothing is worse that a toddler with a moan. You have all my sympathy.

    Hummm, I don’t suppose that Disney would fall for the Kroger ploy either. Drat these big media corporations. 😛


    Commercials would be a fine idea, if they made the DVDs cheaper, or gave some other benefit to the consumer. It strikes me as odd in this day and age where “piracy” is a major issue, to give the Pirates even more motivation. But those greedy bastards found a way.

    It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing banner ads inside the movie. They do it constantly on TV now. The Simpsons has a great opening showing a fake banner ad “This week on FOX!” and The Simpsons all gather around and kick it, during the opening.

    My sentiments exactly.


    That is exactly how I feel. Those banners are annoying, and even the Logo’s are invasive. Take a peek at the Kai Kaptions some day. Almost every page has at least one instance where the Kaptions mention the Sci-fi Logo. It freaking became part of the show for crying out loud, it actually became a fourth cast member.

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