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    Ellen Dubin and Nigel Bennett will be at LCA Take 9 (“Lights, Camera, Auction!”) as celebrity auctioneers. Sept. 15-17, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    I saw Ellen at the auction last year. She was hilarious! Looking forward to seeing her again. Below is the latest update on guests and auction items. Thought that I would share.

    MPICA® is pleased to announce our next guest. All guest appearances are subject to professional committments.

    Jean Smart – “Martha Logan” 24
    Gregory Itzin – “Charles Logan” 24
    Mary Lynn Rajskub “Chloe O’Brian” 24
    Carlo Rota – “Morris O’Brian” 24
    Glenn Morshower – “Agent Pierce” 24

    Ellen Dubin – “Giggerota” LEXX
    Rob Ballentyne, Artist The Davinci Code
    Rae Crombie, Props La Femme Nikita
    Ken Girotti, Director, 24 / La Femme Nikita
    Nicholas Gray, Producer Forever Knight / Street Time
    Barclay Hope “Peter Axon” Psi Factor
    Brock Jolliffe, Special Effects La Femme Nikita / Mutant X
    K. Douglas MacRae, Story Board Artist La Femme Nikita / Mutant X
    Tom McCamus “Mason Eckhart” Mutant X
    James Morrison – “Bill Buchanan” 24
    Geoff Murrin, Screenwriter
    Jim Murrin, Screen Writer
    Joanne Vannicola “Mia Stone” Psi Factor

    We have added auction items from the following shows with more to come!

    American Gothic, Andromeda, The Chronicles of Riddick, Cold Squad, The Commish, CSI, E-Ring, Earth: Final Conflict, Earthsea, Everwood, Highlander: The Series, The Inside, John Doe, Law & Order/Law & Order: SVU, Lexx, Lois and Clark, Malcolm in the Middle, The Marshall, Millennium, Miscellaneous, Mutant X, The Outer Limits, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Profiler, Roswell, The Sentinel, Sheena, Smallville, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Strange World, Street Time, Tracker, Viper, Walker: Texas Ranger, The West Wing and The X-Files

    Our recipient charities will be Central Toronto Youth Services and the Elder Connection program of the Motion Picture & Television Fund.


    501c Non-Profit Organization 31-1588233
    Lights, Camera, Auction, Take 9!

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