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    Since we all barely know what season were in, let alone what season everyone else is in, I think we shuld post reviews in a format like this. Just a suggestion though.

    Episode Title, What season you think its from, ep review or appropriate title.

    So Squish, feel free to post something about the last episode from s5 you just saw, (lucky *******) just start a new thread.

    I don’t wan’t to impede on new posts, especially in this forums infancy, but I also wan to respect those who haven’t seen an ep and want to wait.

    The other day Squish and I were discussing that this may pick up some of the sadboard traffic when Lexx concludes. God I hope this forum becomes as popular as he lexx forums with like 7000 posts! So lets help move it along. : :

    So post early, post often, just post!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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