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    Well I have read both the book and seen the movie. Both had their moments.

    Lots of nice visuals in the movie, missed a few stunning scenes from the book, but that was to be expected. The movie also by passed on what could prove to be a major plot point, but that I think was so as not to confuse the views who hadn’t read the book.

    Things I liked. Many of the costumes, the great CGI work, the condensed story line.

    Things I disliked. The bad red dye job on the villain-dude, some of the clunky speeches, and the pacing.

    Major Spoiler……………………..

    However, unless there is a ton of back story I am missing…. there was one production sin that is unforgivable. The Elf maid has round ears. You heard me. Round. Now I do not demand high upswept points, but come on. She is an elf, I need something more here. Sigh….


    I’ll go see it, but I must admit, I don’t have high expectations. Not a big fan at all.

    I read it and couldn’t help the fact that I felt I was reading a fan fic of sorts. It always felt like it was written by a teenager to me.

    Then again, anyone that takes literary advice from me needs there head checked. (I get stoked over breakfast box stories)


    Hmmm. Not read the book or seen the film. I think this needs a pole though 🙂

    So, overall, did you like the film?


    that’s funny Lexx – It was written by a teenager….he was 17 at the time, lol


    Yeah, I actuallly had heard that before I read it, so I think (in fairness) that could have played on my mind at the time, sort of making me think that the writer wasn’t that talented.

    Here I am complaining about a teenager. Spot the guy 11 days and one year away from turning 30.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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