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    Carnivale Creator Announces End of the World

    Newsbit: Another bit of interesting news coming from the Weekend of Horrors, this time from Andrew Kasch. Daniel Knauf, best known as the creator of Carnivale, just announced his latest project; Exodus.

    Sadly, it will not be a documentary about the Bay Area metal band, nor the story of the Promised Land, but rather Exodus will be a four-hour miniseries about, you guessed it, the End of the World. The story will follow survivors trying to track down a place where, presumably, they can continue surviving.

    Knauf announced the tele-movie during the panel for Fear Itself, the NBC offshoot of Masters of Horror that will premiere this summer. Knauf wrote the Ronnie Yu-helmed “Family Man”, about a man who switches bodies with a serial killer during a near-death experience.

    Hope this will turn out good. Carnivale I thought was a beath of fresh air, even given the abrupt ending. Crossing my fingers for mutant encounters (not zombies!) 🙂

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