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    Next to Lexx, Farscape is my most favorite current Sci Fi show. I thoroughly enjoy watching Ben Browder running around in those leather pants! His Peacekeeper uniform gives me palpitations! Aeryn does get a bit tiresome with her I’m the toughest on the block attitude, but what the hey! My personal fave was the personality switching one. Crichton in Aeryn’s body was hysterical! Girls, if you have more than a handful don’t try this at home!Riegel in Crichton was equally hysterical, particularly the call to nature and the scene with Dargo in Chiana. “Ordinarily, someone has to rub my eyebrows to make me feel this way!” I just love gender bending!


    farscape and lexx are my 2 favorite shows…I loke that personality show too. John in aeryns body was so funny! my favorite ep though is the one with M-lee and ANY ep with scorpius and or Crais.

    Aeryn Crichton


    Originally posted by nwmonikr:
    I thoroughly enjoy watching Ben Browder running around in those leather pants! His Peacekeeper uniform gives me palpitations!

    Amen to that! Did you know that there’s a site dedicated to John Chrichton wearing leather? Well, my favorite series of episodes was the whole Look at the Princess series. I especially liked the last part when Aeryn nervously offered John the compatibility juice. I sat in anticipation after their kiss, and then as they smiled, I found myself grinning. Yeah, I like the one where they all switch identities too. And, then, of course, there’s The Flax and A Human Reaction. Both good episodes, and there’s lots of good stuff between John and Aeryn in them too.

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    Ooh, the one where Crichton had to pretend to be a Peacekeeper, in order to save Aeryn’s life. He was so precious trying to act and sound ruthless and Sebacean. And, he looked so fetching in his leather and, well leather. Chiana was at her most cute and seductive. Oh, it had everything and everyone; it seemed to be like a turning point, of sorts. For instance, I still wasn’t sure whether John would be pairing up with Chiana or Aeryn; Crais was lookin’ like he was falling out of the top spot, and that creepy lookin’ Scorpius was lookin’ as if maybe he had more power than Crais. Indeed, I thought Crais was gonna be the show’s ‘bad boy’ until this episode. Scorpius was just too cold and collected, sorta like His Divine Shadow. Oh, and that groovy memory-swiping chair(Ha! John even pays homage to Monty Python’s “comfy chair!” ), and John going delightfully bonkers, with Stark, even more bonkers. There just seemed to be so much neat stuff going on.

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    definitely love farscape too! my favorite is the body swap, and yes you’re right don’t try jiggling if you are more than a handful—just stretches out those ligaments and leaves you sore…i also got off on rygel trying to pee and the muttered “told him to be careful with Mr.Happy”…i’m afraid i am somewhat immune to ben browder’s charms although my scifi watching buddy thinks he’s hot ( he loves bulky blondish types, i favor long, thin and pasty myself—too many years of being a led zeppelin fan, no doubt) but i do love chuckling at all of chrichton’s earth allusions, i’m glad this show is a keeper i just wish it were still teamed up with lexx on fridays


    Im immune to bb charm too. I seem to like BAD boys in black. Scifi changing the LEXX time slot was one of the stupider things theyve done lately. I got hooked on the show watching scorpius break Crais and change his priorities*.I have a feeling (hope) that Crais will play a larger role in seas 3


    It is very difficult to decide on a favorite episode for Farscape. I would have to say though that if I were to pick one it would be one of the first eps I saw. Throne for a loss, Back and Back and Back to the Future or DNA Mad Scientist would likely fall into that coveted slot of fav ep.

    As far as my favorite shows go. Farscape is second on my list of current shows, behind only Red Dwarf. Other Sci-Fi shows I like that are current shows are The Invisible Man and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. Andromeda and Lexx are not bad shows but I don’t go out of my way to see them.


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