farscape the game?

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    ive seen this poping up in a few places today (ive been out to the local shoping center to watch lotr2!!its amazing)

    does anyone know much about it and how bad is it? its almost certain to suck but is it even playable?


    It’s a top-down shooter. You can download the demo here:

    It crashed for me when running, though, so I really didn’t get any kind of impression at all.


    I bought, played, and finished the game in about two days.

    Here’s an accurate review by Cindy Yans of Computer Games magazine:


    Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
    Genre: spaced out shooter
    Developer: Red Lemon
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Requirements: Pentium III 450, 64MB RAM
    Multiplayer: none

    When Simon and Schuster announced the game version of Farseape, the show’s fans were thrilled. If you never saw the series, the designers still expect you to know quite a bit about this John Crichton man and this blue Chiana woman who crash-land on some planet, and also to know all about their organic spaceship Moya’s pregnancy and peril. How, though? Exposition is minimal and sketchy at best.

    This is a mission-centered, team-based combat game at heart, but you control only one character at a time, and assign a behavior to his or her followers. Sadly, the most interesting and best fighter-characters are unavailable until very late in the game. So, there you are, confused about the char- acters’ relationships, and shooting every- thing in sight as you attempt to make your way toward the next goal-but don’t worry-at all times there is an annoying purple arrow on an unwieldy automap that constantly points you toward that goal. This does get you to point B more quickly, which is what you’re hoping for, as it doesn’t take long to tire of the numbingly boring gameplay. The weapon set is marginally interesting: you get to wield and assign chemical, energy, or physical weapons, and it becomes important to know your enemies’ weaknesses so that you will be able to mow them down appropriately.

    The graphics are fuzzy and dated, and the locations are as uninspired as the level design. The interior of Moya is a let- down, as are the anticlimactic quest reso- lutions; the same is true of the top-down perspective that never zooms out far enough and the cheesy cutscenes designed to draw you into the mostly lame plot: What will please Farseape viewers the most is the game’s voice acting by cast members Ben Browder, Claudia Black and others, whose dialogue is well-acted and solid. It’s not enoughthough.

    Red Lemon, creators of the sad excuse for a Braveheart game, seemed to have no feel for the soul of this gameworld either. Is name recognition enough? Farscape the series has been cancelled. The game was not. Nobody wins.
    -Cindy Yans

    n5 -kopele

    I actually enjoied the game. It really had too much shooting and wondering around, but which game doesn’t? Still u get the chance to play with all farscape characters in a beautiful scenery and with nice music.


    I thought it was awful. I got it really cheap from somewhere and thought it might be cool because I’d played the demo. It was pretty pathetic though, and the characters didn’t look like themselves. It was a shame, a Farscape game should have been really great.

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