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    I think every forum could do with one of these topics… what’s your fav epidsode?

    Mine is Attack of the Cybermen (I loved the Chameleon Circuit!) and I thought it involved some very nice twists!


    I kinda remember that one from when it was first shown, although all I can actually remember is the TARDIS turning into a chimney. I think Battlefield might be one of my favourites, Remembrance of the Daleks was a good one too (it helps that they were some of the more recent episodes too, plus I have Remembrance in a Dalek box set and most of Battlefield taped when it first aired)


    Battlefield… was that the one where the Doctor was mistaken for Merlin?
    I can remember taping and watching Battlefield, but I can’t quite remember what it was about.


    The Doctor *was* Merlin, or at least would be at some point in the future because his future self left messages for himself now (in some of the Merlin legends he travelled through time in reverse so got younger as everyone else got older and they played on this). There was a scene that went something like this:

    The archaeologist shows the Dr and Ace some writing he was unable to decipher, and the Dr tells him it says ‘Dig hole here’, when asked what it was written in he answered ‘my handwriting’.


    The first Dr. Who episodes I saw as a child were starring Jon Pertwee; he continues to be my favourite Doctor.

    Perhaps my favourite episode is Planet of the Spiders. (the link is to the review from the official Dr. Who site)

    Here’s another good site: http://www.whotopia.co.uk/%5B/url%5D


    Off-topic for a moment. Obscure!?

    Oh, BTW, it seems a shame to have Dr. Who in the “Obscure Sci Fi TV Series” section. I mean, it has been, to my knowledge, the longest running sci-fi TV series ever, and is definitely a major cult classic (which has also had a very mainstream following*). Second-rate, IMHO, shows like Andromeda may make it into the “Popular Sci-fi” section, but Dr. Who is, and always will be, a far better known show, and the character of the Doctor (or characters)will be remembered long after the Captain (what’s his name? ahhhh Captain Hercules) from Andromeda has been forgotten.

    *Dr. Who throughout its years has had a massive number of viewers around the world (it has had a mainstream as well as a cult following), unlike a show like Lexx, which I love, which has a relatively limited cult following.


    SYLLABICATION: ob·scure
    ADJECTIVE: Inflected forms: ob·scur·er, ob·scur·est
    1. Deficient in light; dark.
    2a. So faintly perceptible as to lack clear delineation; indistinct.
    b. Indistinctly heard; faint.

    I seem to remember this applies, but then again, the last time I saw Doctor Who, I watched it on B&W TV over aluminum foil antenna in 1981, hoping my Mom wouldn’t switch the channel to watch her honey William Shatner before the snazzy music at the end was over.

    c. Linguistics Having the reduced, neutral sound represented by schwa

    This definately applies during the rain.

    3a. Far from centers of human population: an obscure village.
    b. Out of sight; hidden: an obscure retreat.
    4. Not readily noticed or seen; inconspicuous

    The only time I’ve ever seen Doctor Who, (not including whatever that made for TV movie thang was supposed to be…) it was on PBS. People in the US rarely turn to PBS, since with the possible exception of Sesame Street, it promises a little culture. Also, they run on donations, and people appear to feel guilty about watching TV stations that ask for donations. I have not been able to get PBS in 6 years, so I have no idea if my local PBS is showing Doctor Who or not, (unlikely… all Public stations cater to the interests of the local crowd) and I’ve never seen it on any other station. It would be nice if they’d put it on BBCA.

    5. Of undistinguished or humble station or reputation: an obscure poet; an obscure family.

    People I know who have seen it in the US also remember it from 1981 and make fun of the effects. They also don’t quite accept that you can walk into something small and have it be big on the inside. (My friends have a little problem with both theoretical physics and suspension of disbelief.)

    6. Not clearly understood or expressed; ambiguous or vague

    I was completely unaware of its scope, backstory and fanbase. It was 10 years before I found out there was more to it than 10 episodes and great dance music at the end.

    But then again, obscure is relative. In MY universe, it qualifies as obscure. I wish I had access to it so I could pick a favorite episode or at least see if I still like the show, buchagotta use the cards yer dealt.


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    Perhaps my favourite episode is Planet of the Spiders.

    I liked that, too. I can’t believe Sarah Jane believed what the Queen said, though!


    My favourite `Dr Who’ episodes are: `The 5 Doctors, The 2 Doctors, Vengeance on Varos, The Twin Dilemma, Castrovalva, The Kings Demons, Earthshock, Caves of Androzani, Ice Warriors, Attack of the Cybermen, Tomb of the Cybermen & Mindwarp.’ The reason is that Peter Davison is my favourite Dr & Colin Baker is my other favourite, in memory of my Grandmamma Vaughn; because, Colin would be her favourite if she was still alive; because she wore bright colours & stayed active when she was alive. The other 2 are from Patrick Troughton’s era; & I have those 2 episodes on video tape.
    Take care & have a great holiday season.

    Whovians Unite,


    I think it’s only obscure for you because you’re American Pet, not only can I not get PBS I’ve never seen it as we don’t have it here!

    My favourite Drs are Peter Davidson, my ‘original’, and Sylvester McCoy as he got some great storylines and I remember him best (video tapes and re-runs after the series ended aside).
    My least favourite is Colin Baker, probably not because there was anything wrong with him, but he replaced my Peter Davidson and at the time I never forgave him for that


    I disagree! Colin Baker was the best Doctor, someone just had to do something about that hideous coat of his!
    And possibly the melodrama… I can still remember an episode where he yelled (very melodramatically) ‘murderer! Thief!’ before trying to strangle a guy! That moment was too melodramatic for me!


    I think, on the whole, everyones first Doctor is their favourite. Mine was Peter Davidson on both counts.

    As for the episode… I couldn’t tell you. I can never remember the names. My ex housemate was an avid fan and had nearly all of the released eps on video. I sat and watched them all over a three month period.

    I like ‘The Caves of Androsani’ (just to make myself a liar there), and the one that was basically a bunch of war games run in seperate zone by the Darleks (I think). Trouble is there are so many good eps, it’s tough trying to isolate the ones that rated higher.



    My ex housemate was an avid fan and had nearly all of the released eps on video.

    *starts choking on a glass of Dr Pepper*


    I think, on the whole, everyones first Doctor is their favourite.

    The first Doctor I saw was played by Jon Pertwee…



    Originally posted by Chamileon:
    I disagree! Colin Baker was the best Doctor

    As I said, it’s not so much that there was anything wrong with him, but that he replaced the Dr I knew and loved.


    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=”1″ face=”Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chamileon:
    <STRONG>I disagree! Colin Baker was the best Doctor</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    As I said, it’s not so much that there was anything wrong with him, but that he replaced the Dr I knew and loved.

    I also think Baker was great (my second fave), but he replaced the Doctor I knew and loved (Pertwee). Interestingly, Cat’s fave, Davison, replaced Baker, but then Baker came back to replace Davison — so to me Davison was the replacement, and because Baker came back, it felt to me like Davison was also only the temp. Baker was the only Doctor to return (the 4th and 6th Doctor: 1974-1980 and 1984-86).

    Btw, I enjoyed Davison in All Creatures Great and Small and did also respect his Doctor (if not his costume — the “?” on the lapels … Hmmm, wazzup with that? :wink:).

    And did anyone see Baker in Black Adder 2: Potato as Captain Redbeard Rum? — hilarious! Also of interest to geezers, Simon Jones who played Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was in the same episode playing Sir Walter “Oo what a big ship I’ve got” Raleigh.

    BTW, about Dr. Who being obscure. I’m sure that it would be in some parts of the world (like in some of the colder and less accessible parts of Antarctica for instance 😉 ), but considering that Sad is English, it really surprises me greatly that it is listed as obscure here.

    On a side note:

    Speaking of obscure Brit. sci-fi shows, isn’t it about time that the very best of Brit. TV programmes, and a bona fide cult classic, was given its very own forum? I am of course speaking of none other than Coronation Street … Kidding, I’m really thinking of The Prisoner! Honestly, it would be remiss for any forum that is dedicated to cult sci-fi TV not to have it prominently listed. But then again, one might also argue for forums devoted to shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Star Trek TOS, Space 1999, Lost in Space, and Blake’s Seven which are also real cult classics. I guess that’s what General TV SciFi Stuff is for — we should all make more use of that forum.


    Yes – go Blake’s Seven and The Outer Limits! Love those two shows. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean!

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