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    I was wondering if the final few episodes of Lexx is going to be put on the Episode Guide?

    If so when?


    I wish they would too. I sometimes reference this site and to my dismay I noticed the last few episodes weren’t there. So I had to reference another site. So what’s up with that?


    Yep, I guess it’s time for my periodic apology for not completiing the final Lexx reviews. It’s the usual story I’m afraid, ‘too much real life stuff going on’.

    New reviews are posted as soon as they are completed, you are all welcome to place your own reviews on this site!!


    Since this hasn’t finished up the episode reviews of the last of the great series, can’t someone point me in a direction to find one. I’m sure as soon as this one is able to we will not have to out source, but for now…just smile and point please?


    Don’t know of any…
    Ahem – your avatar, imminentdisaster…
    Don’t you consider changing it…?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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