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    Nathan Fillion, star of Fox’s defunct SF western series Firefly, told SCI FI Wire that the show could rise again, as both a movie and as a DVD set.


    I think they will definately do a DVD set. Most of the star cast are already doing other stuff, so I doubt that it will return as a series or indeed a film.

    It had a bir of a rocky start (for me at least), but after watching a couple of episode re-runs on Brit Sci Fi Channel, I was amazed how cool the show looked considering the naff offerings on TV at the moment.

    Wheddon has a GREAT team that work on the Buffy and Angel DVDs. I hope he uses the same peeps for the Firefly set (if and when it is released).


    the dvd is shiny. though i am not sure what order to watch them. i understand the crackheads at fox. (… sorry just been advised not to call them crackheads, apparantly there may be some intelligent crackheads that might take offense to that comment.) The first show was played last by the inbreeders at fox… oh, again, don’t want to offend any inbreeders… wait… perhaps i do…. what a delima. what is worse. a child between siblings or the ones that canceled this show hmmmm. am i so sure they are not the same person? Keebler says their cookies are made by elves and I can not prove otherwise. perhaps the family tree for the Fox official that cancelled this show does look like a light pole. what happened to my point? oh yeah. did they screw up the order on the dvd or is that how Joss wanted them to be shown? does “Out of gas” really come after “Heart of gold”? and what of disk 2 and 3?

    in “Here’s how it was” on disk 4 they talk of making a movie, i just hope Fox gets nothing from it. If Firefly does have a future I just hope they find it elsewhere. oooh universal could pick it up and in the opening logo have a reaver show up and head for the fox headquarters… okay, perhaps i’m a bit bitter. I have spent my fair share in front of the tv set seeing more car ads than i can stand. i hated seeing something worth watching get taken away. makes me wonder if they are going to make more of the dvd’s or just the first run of them. cause (another thorn in my side. remember when cd’s first came out they were “virtually indestructable”? yeah they work just fine as long as you never touch them.) my dvd player has killed a few. (don’t recomend getting the 3 disk player. on many occasions when changing disks it shoots the current one out into the room. scared me, the kids, and even the stupid cat chases them down. jimmy neutron will never play again). I’m a little more than worried of that. The dvd’s and my over played videotapes of the shows i did manage to get taped will not last forever.

    The Browncoats will rise again. and Fox will become Blue Sun Corp.


    I just recently purchased the box set. I saw most of the episodes on Fox also. The order they appear on the DVDs appears to be the correct order. The inter-episode timeline seems to flow pretty smoothly.
    Seems I recently saw, I think, on, that a movie was all but ddefinite They were supposedly going to start filming in a year or so.


    Welcome to the board, Royalbill. Last I heard around Christmas, Whedon was fairly optimistic about the film being made, but it certainly wasn’t in the bag yet. The script has been written, some of the cast are pretty sure it’s going to happen, but Whedon said, “it may or may not get made.” Of course he can’t (or shouldn’t) really make a firm statement unless it’s a definite go, and more details have been hammered out….

    I’ve only just started watching Firefly on TV, took a long time for Canada’s Space Channel to get it, the show really grows on you.


    The official site for Serenity has been put up by Universal.

    The site has a blog, forum, AIM icons, and a point system. Register, and help to promote the movie (put up a banner, email friends, etc.), and you can earn points toward movie merchandise.

    One way to earn points is to post a link to the site. Like I just did. That’s right. I watched Connor & Cordelia doin’ it, and now Joss owes me a T-Shirt!

    There’s also information at and The Official Boards.


    Serenity: The Official Movie Website


    An MP3 of the Comic-Con panel and pictures are up at

    Comic-con MP3

    CAUTION: There are spoilers for the plot of the movie.


    The trailer shown at comicon has made its way onto the web. Various sources for the download are given at the movie’s official board:

    Trailer thread

    The quality of the recording is what you’d expect from a handheld camcorder, but the movie itself looks great.


    Jewel has updated her blog. The movie wrapped shooting this week, so everything seems on schedule for the April release.

    Her blog is here.


    Word from my newsgroup

    From The Zocalo:

    Last week, Cinescape announced that Greg Edmonson’s
    soundtrack music from FIREFLY was available, but only
    via download from the Fox Music Web Site. This week
    Varese Sarabande has announced they will release
    the FIREFLY soundtrack on CD on November 8th.
    “Composer Greg Edmonson created a flavorful,
    guitar-based score for the adventures of the crew of
    the Serenity, which is currently being broadcast on
    the Sci-Fi channel and is now available, in its
    entirety, on DVD,” notes the Varese set site. “Fans
    have been clamoring for this music since the show’s
    debut and now, finally, we are pleased to offer it. CD
    features exclusive bonus tracks.” Varese has also
    released David Newman’s score for the feature film
    SERENITY – based on the FIREFLY series.


    Firefly DVD Easter Egg

    Also from my sci-fi group

    Gerald Stewart writes – Hi!!

    In the FIREFLY DVD set, on the 4th disk, select Special Features. Then select More to go to the 2nd screen of Special Features. Press “down” on your controller to highlight “Joss Sings the FIREFLY Theme” but instead of pressing “enter,” press the “left” arrow. The filigree pattern to the left of the picture will light up. Press the “enter” button on your DVD remote and you will hear Adam Baldwin sing the song “The Hero of Canton” from the episode “Jaynestown.” He even wears the knit cap that Jayne wears in the episode “The Message.” The duration of this hidden chapter is 2 min., 36 sec.


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